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The Learning Center at Groves Academy®

The Learning Center at Groves Academy offers an array of specialized services for students diagnosed with learning disabilities and/or attention disorders. We can seamlessly determine why a child is struggling in school, design an individualized learning profile, and then help work toward remediation.

Diagnostic Services: Groves Academy has offered widely-respected diagnostic services to individuals in the Twin Cities and beyond for years. Conducted by experienced and professional psychologists, these psycho-educational evaluations offer clear diagnoses and specific educational recommendations that teachers and parents can use to help struggling students.

TutoringWe provide tutoring in reading/comprehension, writing/spelling, and study skills/executive function for students with diagnosed learning disabilities as well as students who are behind in their studies. Tutors include Groves Academy teachers and exemplary individuals approved by Groves Academy.

Speech & Language Services: The Learning Center offers comprehensive assessments for children and young adults with speech and language concerns. Based on the assessment, treatment by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist is individualized for each client. Specialty areas include Receptive and Expressive Language, Articulation, and Social Skills. 

Summer Programs: During the summer, Groves Academy offers students from the community with learning and attention challenges the same high-quality education we provide to our students during the school year. Taught by Groves teachers, our small class sizes, individualized instruction, and engaging curriculum help students gain confidence over the summer. 


Please contact The Learning Center by email at, call 952.920.6377, or complete the inquiry form.

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