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Tutoring - Developing skills for academic success  

Groves Academy offers one-on-one after-school tutoring services for any elementary, junior high and high school students. Tutors are specialists in learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders and they provide the teaching techniques and materials specifically designed to meet each student's background and needs.

What is included in a tutoring session?

Each individual tutoring program centers on the academic needs of each student. Tutoring can be a combination of remedial work and assistance with school work. Many of our tutors are trained on the Wilson Reading System®, an Orton-Gillingham based approach to reading instruction that teaches the structure of words directly and systematically, and the Kansas Writing Strategies. Tutors may also be available to conference with students' regular classroom teachers as needed.

Tutors are available to work with students on improving their fundamental skills in a variety of areas including:

• Reading/Literature
• Written Expression
• Comprehension
• Spelling
• Study Skills

When is tutoring offered?

Each tutoring session is one hour long. One or two sessions may be scheduled each week. A half-hour parent/student/tutor conference is recommended prior to the first tutoring session.

How much does tutoring cost?

Families may register for tutoring by purchasing a package that includes eight (8) tutoring sessions. The fee for an 8 session tutoring package is $720. This package includes eight one-hour tutoring sessions and 30 minutes of consultation with the tutor.

Payment must be paid in full before a tutoring session begins. If parents choose to do additional tutoring, they should register their child for an additional eight session block after they have completed their fifth tutoring session.

Schedule a tutoring session

Please contact us at or 952.920.6377.

Please complete the Groves In-Take Form if you are interested in tutoring services. 

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