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Why is Giving Important at Groves Academy?

Thanks to the generosity of our friends and family in the community, our donors help make us the leading school for students with learning disabilities and attention disorders in the state and a center for literacy instruction and education.

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Reasons to Give

Groves Academy is not able to be the best school without support from the community. Below are some of the reasons why giving is important here.

  • 283 students: This year Groves Academy educates 283 students who need the specialized education that only we can provide. 
  • Diagnostic Testing: Groves Academy is one of the leading providers of diagnostic assessment services in the Midwest. Our experienced psychologists offer a variety of assessments, screenings and other evaluation services, designed to help parents and students understand why the child is struggling in school and where the learning process is breaking down. 
  • Tuition Gap: Tuition and fees cover a portion of the cost to educate one student. Because of our commitment to providing an excellent education experience for each student, there are additional costs we must incur.
  • Scholarship: Providing support and partial scholarships to students who need a Groves Academy education, but whose families could not otherwise afford access to the school.
  • Partnership: Partnering with Groves Academy means aligning yourself with a nationally recognized independent school. 
  • Teacher Training: We have expert staff and teachers -70% carry advanced degrees, use a scientifically-based approach that incorporates best practices. We provide additional and innovative training on an annual basis.
  • Outreach programs: We provide workshops, a college fair, and more to our parent community, teachers and other educators, our staff, and the greater community.
  • Class Sizes: Keeping the class sizes to 8 students per class or smaller for a more individualized learning experience.
  • Technology: The use of many assistive technology programs as well as our laptop program.
  • The Learning Center: We offer a one-stop-shop for the best quality services for your student with a learning disability including tutoring, diagnostic services, summer programs, and speech and language services. 
  • Extracurricular Activities: We understand that to be successful, we need to address the intellectual, social and emotional aspects of learning in all of our students. We provide opportunities for participation in two sports, three clubs, and numerous after school activities.
  • Parent & Community Engagement: The Advancement team and faculty and staff partner together to provide an environment where parents can feel engaged and part of a community.

How Can I Support Groves?

You can support Groves Academy by making a gift to the Annual Fund or the Scholarship Fund.

For other opportunities or more information please contact Becky Busselman at or 952-915-4269.

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