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Donor Recognition

Groves Academy relies on the generosity of the friends and families who support our mission. Below is list of benefactors who made gifts from September 1, 2014 - August 31, 2015.

Foundations & Corporations  
$20,000 and Above $1,000 - $1,499
Groves Family Foundation Associated Financial Group, Inc.
Sanger Family Foundation Brenden Mann Foundation
SVA Plumb Trust Company, LLC Gephart Electric
  Longview Foundation
$10,000 - $14,999 The Minneapolis Foundation
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Pfizer Matching Gifts Program  
  $500 - $999
$5,000 - $9,999 Ameriprise Financial Inc. 
The Castle Foundation Breckinridge Capital Investors, Inc.
David D. MacMillan Family Foundation Fabricon Foundation
Douglas E. Mitchell Charitable Foundation General Mills, Inc.
Ecolab Foundation Landmark College
The Jan and David McNair Family Fund Piper Jaffray Employee Giving
Nuveen Investments Simma, Flottemesch & Orenstein, Ltd. 
Solutran Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 
Walter and Leona Schmitt Family Foundation  
  Up to $499
$2,500 - $4,999 Abbott Fund
The June Stern Family Foundation Amazon Smile Foundation
Ovation Orthodontics Best Buy Corporate Campus
Skyway Dental Clinic GiveMN
Target Corporation Kottemann Orthodontics 
Thrivent Financial - Stonebridge Group Land O'Lakes, Inc. Foundation
Wells Fargo  Mike & Linda Fiterman Family Foundation
  Pacific Life Foundation 
$1,500 - $2,499 Panera, LLC
DJR Architecture Inc Reacor
General Mills Foundation Thomson Reuters
M.A. Mortenson Company Venture Photography
Medtronic Foundation Wilson Language Training


  Up to $249 continued 
$20,000 and Above Julie and Rob Crawford
Virginia A. Haughey Amy and Derek Diesen
Karen and Steve Sanger Michael Dimunation
Gary and Sue Schiess Susan Dinapoli
Tom and Jeanne Schnack Edward and Hilarie Dorsey
Tom and Angie Wicka Patricia and Dan Duffy
  Kari L. Dunning
$10,000 - $14,999 Jerald Eilertson
Charles and Melanie Barry Sona Eilertson 
Mark and Anne Donahoe Kathy and Duane Eischens
Travis and Heather Hansberger Peter and Leah Elsham
Allison and David Iverson Ellen Engstrom
Bard Knudsen Rachel Erickson and David Schramel
Emery and Karen Koenig Bette and Ed Erickson
Cindy and James Murphy Kristine Fladeboe Duininck
Daniel Rischall and Karen Blumberg Leo Flaten
Mark Sanger Alexandra Franchot
Stephanie Simon and Craig Bentdahl Brenda Francis
Scott and Katey Taylor Jodena and Patrick Gallagher
Robert and Gail Walser Raymond Gibson
Patrick and Sheila Walsh Peter and Scotty Gillette
  Mimi Gleekel
$5,000 - $9,999 Zelia Goldberg
Julia W. Dayton Eliza Goodwin and Raquel Melo
Michael and Karmen Hoxie Judy Graceman
Deb and Dan Mallin Karen and David Gratz
Tim Mulcahy Peter and Lisa Gravett
Nancy and David Nordmeyer Kyle and Carol Green
Dr. Robert and Ms. Susan Ostrow Virginia and Eric Green
Steve and Leanne Pontius Leroy and Jan Greenfield
Matthew and Megan Prindiville Erik Grimm
Tom and Janet Sass Bruce and Denice Grout
David and Peggy Schultz  Brian and Angela Gustafson
Elizabeth A. Simermeyer Shannon Hable
Mr. Chuck Vavrus Joyce and Howard Hall
  Judith Hall
$2,500 - $4,999 Todd and Lisa Hanson
Kathleen and Russ Adams Barbara J. Hartzell
Don and Linda Branch Scott and Diane Hatfield
TC and Dick Bruckner Lynn Hechanova
Dan Deikel Sandra Hecker
Leslie and Jerad Hahn Kim and Dan Heiar
Mark Hodder and Xunyu Qian Judy Heimkes
Michael and Susan Horovitz Blaine Henderson
Bruce and Amy Langer Kathy and Jamie Hennen
James McRoberts Patricia Frazier and David Herring
Jim and Julie Meinen Todd Hill
Janet and Michael Nelson Janice Hoffman
Chris and Annie O'Brien Donna Holte
Garrett and Laura Wilson Margaret Huckabee
Ken and Nancy Woodrow Ann Hunegs
  Denise and Doug Jans
$1,500 - $2,499 Heather Jessen
Russell and Lori Anderson Melanie and Calvin Johnson
Vance and Mary Baran Michelle and Jon Jonas
David Brink Jason Jones
Gordon W. Cleaveland Kayla Jorgenson
Drs. Erik and Roseann Ekstrom Lisa Keitel and Eric Sjostrom
Ellen Gallagher David Kern and Pam McCarthy-Kern
Scott and Jennifer Gill Bill Kilian
Debra Hamilton and Fred Schilling  Nicole Kirkwood and Nick Seivert
Scott and Ruth Kauls Rachel Koep
Judith Kilian-Weber and Jeffery Weber Ambar and Connie Kumal
Debbie and Larry Moran Paul and Maren Kunkel
Suanne and David Orenstein Lynette and Robert Lamb
Terence and Ann Teynor Amy Lange
Jerrilynn Thomas Elizabeth and Jed Larkin
David and Nancy Warner John and Laurie Larson
Susan and Bill Westbrook  Mark and Jean Larson
  Clare and Edmund Lee
$1,000 - $1,499
Michael and Karen Leeming
Greg Lincoln Holly Lipelt
Debbie and Larry Moran Valerie Little
Andy Olsen and Kennon Jaeger Joseph and Leah Lofgren
Katherine and Leo Roepke Ann Longfellow
Mary Streitz Elizabeth and Nicholas Lucas
Andrew and Kathy Washburn John and Nancy Madson
Charles Weil Gary Maher and Marcia Kull
  Thomas Main
$1,000 - $1,499 Wendy and Steve Mathistad
Claire Abeln Kathleen and Walt McHenry
John and Cheryl Alexander Sean McRoberts
Randy Ban and Sally Gilchrist Nancy McRoberts
Ronald and Gay Baukol Chuck and Susan Misaveg
Kathy Bryan Joy and Rick Monro
Gretchen and John Corkrean Ken and Karin Munroe
Eve Deikel Beth Naughton
Gary and Kathy Dietz Sallie Neall
Jean Edblom Diane Cooper Nelson
Wendy and Marcus Fischer Scott and Bonnie Nelson
Al Giesen and Eileen O'Bryne Randall Nelson
Richard and Sandy Haddad Mary Nicklawske
Deborah and Scott Hagen Beckie O'Connor
Matthew and Jacqueline Haughey Rebecca K. Oeltjen
Deborah Herrera and Douglas Clancey Paul and Patricia Olsen
Lou and Joanna Hoerr Todd and Nicole Olson
Nasya Jackson Jean and Fred Oseko
Julie and Tommy Johns Lauren Osman
Dave and Julie Jorgenson Rohit and Mridula Patel
Jason and Anne Koby Harlen D. Peck
Scott and Jennifer Lang Rondell Peck-Eilertson and Paul Eilertson
Sean E. McCauley and Joselyn Raymundo Kathy and Jon Perlinger
Lisa and James Nyhusmoen Tom and Susan Perrier
Kim and Travis Peterson Jan Peterson
Mr. Kevin P. Quinn Tegan and Cory Peterson
Sara and Peter Ribbens Steve Peterson
Eric and Hannah Schilling Dee Peterson
Craig and Karen Scofield Katie Piehl and Rich Knowlton
Eric Stich and Mae Rukavina Pam and Brian Pittenger
Judith F. Vavrus Katlyn Plourde
Charles Weil Sue and Mike Popovich
Mary Wilson Jamie Prescott
Mark and Janette Youker Sally A. Pritchard
  Bill Pritchard
$500 - $999 Michael R. Quinlivan
Keith Abrahamson and Karlene Johnson Rudd Rayfield and Kay Schoenwetter
George and Connie Aram Jane Rine and Dell Hartmann
Thomas and Katherine Batina Mike Rivard and Vivian Johnson
Mary and Bruce Bean Stan and Jo Robins
Dan and Sarah Beaty Debbie Romashko
Leonard and Missy Blum Neal and Robin Rovick
Matt and Vivian Boockmeier Rep. Linda Runbeck
Judy Brink Pat and Jane Salden
Lisa and Patrick Brunner Kelly and Bill Sawyer
Joel and Denise Cleveland Amy and Michael Scanlan
Dina McNair Conzemius Joey and Karl Scherman
David and Katherine Crosby Christopher Schoonover
William and Beth Dworsky Liza and Steve Schwab
Brent and Susan Fischer John and Laura Segala
John and Beth Hannan Andrea Shaker and Terence Check
Dick and Dobie Hunegs Craig and Kathleen Shankwitz
Robyn and Scott Ingalls Michelle and Marcus Sheire
Delphine and Christopher Kahler Jane Sigford
Sue Kirchoff Steve and Hidee Singer
Steven and Carole Lang Teresa and Brad Smith
Mike and Nikki Lee Jane Smith
Scott and Joan Levin Will Snyder
Mary Pat and Michael Litwin Arlene and Ralph Sonday
Diane Martin Sharron L. Steinfeldt
Cindee and Kevin McCarthy Roger and Susan Stelljes
James and Jeannine Nayes Terry and Jerald Stinson
Sara and Tim Nelson Jeff Stoll
Thomas and Elinor Nicklawske David and Heidi Stulberg
John and Kathy O'Keefe Shahnaz Sultan and Philipp Dahm
Stephen and Rita Pesavento Paula and Paul Sundberg
Donna Piehl Meagen and Eric Sundstrom
Robert and Marie Plourde Bill and Vicki Swanson
Shawn and Elizabeth Quant Denise and Erik Takeshita
Jon and Delores Roeder John Tamminen and Deborah Jahn
Patricia Schuster Mallory Taylor
Cullen and Kristen Sheehan Dawn and Dorion Taylor
Jim and Julia Simon Ben Teasdale and Sarah Tennessen
Gloria and Phillip Smith Ann and Ava Tesmer
Amy and Robert Stolpestad Susan Thatcher
Mary and Chuck Tambornino Marcio and Sherryln Thompson
David and Kara Therkelsen Sarah Thornrough 
Becca and Dave Voss Andy Tolan and Annaka Larson
Thomas and Nancy Wanvig James and Pamela Toole
Andrew and Kathy Washburn John and Kristen Turcotte
Evan Williams Leanne and Tim Turnquist
Steve and Susan Wilson Robert L. Turnquist
Anthony and Toby Yankauskas Kristin Van DeRiet
  Mary Vavrus
$250 - $499 Michael Walker
Alyson and John Armstrong Franklyn and Caprice Waller
Kingford and Maria Bavender Ted Warner
Bill Bednarczyk Brad and Lisa Warner
Kim and James Behr Heather and Matt Warzecha
Christine and Brian Bradshaw Sally Weatherly
Kathleen Brockmeier Brad and Becky Weber
Rebecca and Paul Busselman Patti and Ralph Weichselbaum
Katharine and Wade Campbell Lukas Weil
J. Martin and Peggy Carlson Carol J. White
Gabriel Chappell Betty and Guy Williams
Laura Congdon and Kelly Martin Peter and Jodie Wilson
Susan Dammen Andrea Wilson
Laura Davis Robert Wolfe
Anna Diehl Dallas and Ronald Wolford
Patricia M. Erlinger Marica and Chi Yeung
Emily K. Fischer Randall Zats and Ellen Hertz
Steven and Mimi Fisher Lisa and Thomas Zell
John Fontecchio and Kelly McCaffrey Michael and Janet Zingale
Jodi and Michael Glaser  
Carl and Robyn Godziek  
Anne Gorde and Amy Wellik  
Barry and Susan Graceman  
Colleen and Brandon Guest  
Russ and Michele Hable  
Richard and Elizabeth Haddad  
Bonnie and Barry Hana  
Anne Harbison and Steve Ruedisili  
David and Wendy Huml  
Shelley Johnson  
Marcy and Andrew Joseph  
Martin and Carole Kaplan  
Russ Kennedy  
Patricia Kenton and Phil Politz  
Chris and Krystyne Lafean  
Julie and Ed Lagerstrom  
J.B. and Amy Lloyd  
Allison and Brad Martinsen  
De Anne and John Martinsen  
Greg and Meredith McGuirk  
Ron Michalak and Kerry Aikman  
Liz Misiaveg-Patel and Apur Patel  
Tiffany Myrmel  
Dr. Kevin Nakagaki an Susan McGraw Nakagaki  
Kristen and Michael Nicklawske  
Rebecca and Mark Odland  
Richard Paulson  
Steve and Louise Pfeiffer  
Marcy and Scott Pohlman  
Bill and Christine Ringham  
Cheryl Sandeen  
Mary Jo and Galen Severson  
Brian and Nancy Siska  
William Spring  
Leo and Christine Stern  
Donna and Brian Strauss  
Steve Tsai and Margaret Simpson  
Matt and Lisa Tuttle   
Jason and Kelly Williams  
Julie and Scott Yager  
Lisa Zelinsky  
Up to $249   
Charles and Charlotte Abrahamson   
Tracy Adams  
Sofia Ali and David Caccamo  
John and Kaari Allen  
Terry Anderson  
Sarah Anderson   
Chris and Kayla Anderson  
Ruth and Bruce Anderson  
Julia and John Arnold  
Angel and Michelle Arreola  
John and Barbara Ashland  
Kim and Dan Aune  
Patricia and Bill Baillie  
Brett and Danelle Bauer  
Colee and John Bean  
Jan Beeman and Paul Burstadt  
Bruce and Margaret Beese  
Emily and Alex Behrens  
Amanda and Michael Berthoud  
Aaron and Tina Billstrom   
Greg and Maria Bliss   
Jenny Boe   
Val Boe   
Mary Bookmeier   
Theresa Bourdage and Jeff Vannelli   
Wendy and Ed Bowers   
Jeff and Julie Brown   
Peter Brown   
Mike and Maggie Brown   
John and Claire Bryson   
Jonna Bundul   
Bill and Kathy Campion   
Jayne Carey-Peterson  
Kali Cascarano  
Cindy and James Castle  
Lana Castle  
Roland and Judy Catherall  
Mardoqueo and Carrie Charuc Cortez  
Steve and Sue Chirhart  
Michael and Mary Cleary  
Elizabeth Cohen  
Jackie Collins  


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