With Personalized Tutoring, a New Learning Solution Doesn’t Always Mean a New School

Enrolling in a specialized school is not the only way to support a student’s learning challenges. At Groves Academy, we have solutions that empower students to achieve success in their current classrooms. Among these is personalized-tutoring from the Learning Center at Groves Academy.

Our tutoring program meets a student (age 6–17 years old) where they are today. We built it to provide an individualized learning solution that supports their academic performance and goals.

With tutoring, students continue to attend their current school and remain among friends. This continuity benefits their self-esteem, confidence and mental well-being.

Enrolling for tutoring support from the Learning Center at Groves Academy does not require a diagnostic evaluation, IEP or 504 plan. While these tools can be helpful, Groves Academy tutors are skilled at identifying each student’s unique learning profile.

Groves Academy Personalized Tutoring Areas of Expertise

The Learning Center at Groves Academy features an experienced staff of tutors specializing in the three foundational learning areas. The goal for each Groves Academy tutor is empowering students to succeed in their current school environments.

Groves Academy tutoring focuses on:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Study Skills

It is common for a student’s assigned tutor to change as their personal skills advance and evolve. This periodic realigning of tutors ensures a perfect match between the student’s learning goals and the tutor’s area of specialization.

On average, students engage with our tutoring services for one to two years. Many students will also choose to re-engage with Groves Academy at different points in their learning journey. Some may seek help during the elementary years, then come back during high school years for additional support.

The Five Keys to Tutoring Success

Every parent wants their student to achieve success. But what are the ingredients for success? Groves Academy has identified five keys that play essential roles in a positive tutoring experience.

  1. Progress Monitoring: Establishes instructional trajectory.
  2. The Student’s Profile: Understanding the student’s situation and establishing attainable expectations for improvement.
  3. The Student’s Commitment to Improving: Students must be invested in their goals for tutoring support to be effective.
  4. Duration in a Tutoring Program: Empowering a student to succeed is an ongoing process of assistance, observation and modifications that take time. How much time depends on the student. Some benefit from six months of intervention while others may need two years of consistent support. The answer is always unique.
  5. Frequency of Tutoring Sessions: Groves Academy recommends students have a minimum of two tutoring sessions per week for optimal results.

Of course, there is another aspect that plays a vital role in tutoring success: communication. Let’s look at that next.

Keeping Parents Informed of a Student’s Progress

The more a parent knows about Groves Academy tutoring sessions, the better they can support their student at home. That’s why our tutors provide parent feedback on a regular basis. This feedback can be verbal, a written note, email or another format that best suits the tutor and the student’s family.

While valuable, post-session feedback may be somewhat brief. Therefore Groves Academy tutors also connect with parents after every eight tutoring sessions. This meeting discusses a student’s progress, identifies goals and addresses feedback.

There could also be a third opportunity for parents to glean insights into their student’s performance.

Some students will have had a learning diagnostic assessment (which is not a requirement for tutoring support). This evaluation is updated every three years. While the update is not part of the tutoring program, it does provide another opportunity for parents to learn about their student’s progress.

Personalized Tutoring That’s Easy to Attend Even During COVID-19

Groves Academy works hard to make our tutoring support services accessible to all students. This effort is particularly important during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Not everyone is comfortable going places and interacting with people. That’s why Groves Academy offers multiple ways for students to participate in our tutoring sessions. Families can choose between in-person, hybrid or virtual tutoring sessions to accommodate their preferences.

With three tutoring options to choose from, Groves Academy helps students stay in their current school while also helping their parents juggle their weekly commitments.

Groves Academy Tutoring vs. Public School or Private School Support

Public schools offer support services for students via IEP and 504 plans. Private schools often provide forms of support that may include tutoring services. Still, there are students whose learning style calls for a highly-individualized learning solution. That’s when the Learning Center at Groves Academy becomes a compelling option.

Tutoring from the Learning Center at Groves Academy is always one-to-one. This ratio ensures each student benefits from a tailored approach toward their goals and learning style.

Choosing Groves Academy for tutoring support also means having control over:

  • How long your student engages in tutoring sessions.
  • The duration of each tutoring session.
  • The frequency of tutoring sessions.

Another benefit of one-to-one tutoring from the Learning Center at Groves Academy is communication. This frequent communication keeps parents current with progress and essential tutor observations.

Helping Students Find Success at Their School with Tutoring

Personalized tutoring from the Learning Center at Groves Academy supports students who want to be successful learners in their current school.

Our highly tailored approach meets their learning goals while providing scheduling flexibility with in-person, remote or hybrid sessions. Ultimately, we intend to bolster each student’s confidence and capability to achieve in the classroom.

Groves Academy assists students with learning disabilities and challenges to thrive and be their best selves. We help students manage and appreciate their learning style using the best available testing, diagnostic evaluations, interventions, curriculum, support and practices. From our school to the Learning Center at Groves Academy, we support neurodiverse learners.

Nancy Segreti | Director of Growth and Enrollment Operations
Nancy Segreti grew up in Minnesota and after graduating from St. Olaf College, she began her career in education teaching in the public school setting where she experienced first hand students struggling to read, comprehend, and attend.  This inspired Nancy to begin her training in Dyslexia and LD and she began working with students with learning disabilities at Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. At Lindamood-Bell Nancy had an opportunity to bring research validated instruction to students, opening and leading Learning Center locations from Seattle to Washington DC. Nancy joined Groves Academy in 2017 as the Director of The Learning Center with a focus on expanding our reach across the community and ensuring that our teams are providing the best possible experience and guidance along a family’s journey through learning challenges. As the Director of Growth and Enrollment Operations, Nancy supports the growth of the organization by providing strategic and operational support to our Admissions and Enrollment Department.  She is passionate about providing support to each and every family and student that seeks out Groves for support and guidance. Outside of Groves, Nancy lives in Minneapolis and can be found taking advantage of midwestern lake life with her wife and two daschunds.
Kristina Schatz | Tutor and Summer Program Director
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