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Busing & Carpooling


For the 2019-2020 school year, Groves Academy has several bus route options that include:

  • Stops in St. Louis Park at your home or nearby corner
  • Stops along the Breck School bus route

Groves Academy students who live in St. Louis Park can take a St. Louis Park school bus to and from school. There is no fee for this service, but parents must contact the St. Louis Park school district to arrange transportation.

Groves Academy has an agreement with Breck School for students who live along a Breck bus route, allowing students to ride the Breck bus from their neighborhood to Breck where students change buses to be taken to Groves Academy. Breck charges a fee to parents for this service.

Parents of enrolled students who would like more information about busing should contact Amy Luffey at or 952-920-6377.


Carpooling is an option for many Groves families. Parents of enrolled children are encouraged to contact families in their area to set up carpooling groups. Parents who are interested in setting up a carpool group should contact Amy Luffey at or 952-920-6377 for assistance.

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