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The Groves Approach

The Groves Approach is highly suited for students who have strong ability and a desire to learn along with dyslexia, adhd, or other learning challenges. We help close the gap between academic potential and achievement.

Instruction at Groves is explicit, structured, and multi-sensory. In each subject, care is taken to begin at a level where students can experience success before confidently moving on to more advanced skills. 

Teachers combine their experience and expertise with care and understanding, using a diagnostic-prescriptive approach to continually assess and address individual student needs.

Organization and study skills are taught in the context of subject area classes.  Students learn and practice essential skills in the process of learning, such as how to study for a test, how to take notes, and how to stay on top of long-term assignments.

Classes are comprised of students who are about the same age and working at about the same skill level, promoting a unique environment of peer support and understanding.


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