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Admissions FAQs

When do we begin the admissions process?

Applications to Groves Academy are accepted year-round and new students are admitted as space allows. Most new students enroll in the fall. For admission to the upcoming school year, the ideal time to apply is between November and March.

When will parents be notified of admission decisions?

  • When there are immediate openings, parents will be notified within a week or two of submitting the application.
  • Applications received before mid-February are notified of admissions decisions by early April.
  • Applications received after mid-February are considered on a rolling basis; acceptance and financial aid will be granted as space and resources allow.

What factors are taken into consideration for admission?

Acceptance is based on Groves Academy's ability to meet a child's needs. Most students at Groves Academy have a learning disability or an attention disorder and demonstrate average or above-average intelligence with a discrepancy between aptitude and achievement in the classroom.

Based on available space, students are selected for admission on the basis of their learning disability, academic potential, past school academic and behavioral performance, and the willingness to work within our school program. While any student may occasionally become frustrated by challenging assignments, students with primary behavioral, emotional or social issues will be better served in another environment. 

Groves Academy's education options are not designed for disruptive or oppositional students, for students with emotional issues unrelated to a learning disability, for students with a diagnosis of autism, or for students with developmental/cognitive delays.

What documentation about the student is required for admission consideration?

  • A completed application form
  • Recent individual psychological/educational testing, and teacher feedback forms, report cards, and IEP (if applicable).  
  • $75 application fee

What is the tuition cost at Groves Academy?

Maintaining small class sizes is critical to our success in serving the needs of students who have learning disabilities and attention disorders. 

Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is $31,420 for students in Lower School, $32,050 for students in Middle School, and $32,590 for Upper School students. 

Groves Academy is committed to serving families from a wide range of economic means. Groves awards more than a million dollars annually in financial aid to help meet the needs of families who could not otherwise afford the full cost of a Groves education. 

Who do I contact for more information?

Debbie Moran
Director of Admissions, Lower School

Teresa Smith
Director of Admissions, Middle & Upper School

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