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Building Confidence for Lasting Success

Our school at Groves Academy changes the lives of students with learning disabilities and attention disorders. We understand the frustration and uncertainty that result when a child is struggling to learn. Our goal is to help students in 1st-12th grade gain the skills and confidence they need to achieve lasting success. We work with students to build literacy skills and teach them how to learn.

Every student is capable of learning; some just need a different way to learn. We believe that students learn best when instruction is direct, sequential, multi-sensory, and addresses individual strengths and challenges. Our approach to education is designed to help students reach their full potential. From our curriculum to our class sizes, everything we do is grounded in scientific research and decades of experience.

We work to understand each student’s diverse learning style and skill level and meet them where they are by providing the resources and support they need to succeed. Whether that means offering a specialized curriculum or the guidance of a uniquely talented teacher with a deep understanding of learning disabilities, we have the tools to unlock each student’s potential for lasting success in school and beyond.

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The Groves Approach to Education

At our school, everything we do is driven by our mission to build confidence, success, and purpose through transformative learning experiences. From expert teachers, small class sizes, and specialized evidence-based curriculum, to intentional relationship development, we want our students to experience positive, lasting change.

Our approach to education helps students who have the ability and desire to learn but struggle with dyslexia, ADHD, or other learning disorders. We offer instruction that is explicit, structured, and multi-sensory. We begin each subject at a level where students can experience success before confidently moving on to more advanced skills.

The highly trained teachers at Groves Academy combine their experience and expertise with care and understanding, using a diagnostic-prescriptive approach to continually assess and address individual student needs.

Organization and executive function skills are taught in the context of subject area classes. Students learn and practice essential skills in the process of learning, such as how to study for a test, how to take notes, and how to stay on top of long-term assignments.

Classes are comprised of students who are about the same age and working at about the same skill level, promoting a unique environment of peer support and understanding.

“Groves got our daughter back on track, renewed her hope, rebuilt her curiosity, supported her intelligence, and opened additional pathways to learning.”

Who We Serve

Groves Academy is the leading school in the Midwest for students who have learning disabilities and attention disorders, as well as a center for literacy instruction, education, and advocacy. We help students who want to learn but struggle with a learning disability that affects academic achievement.

Our program is not designed for disruptive or oppositional students, students with emotional disabilities unrelated to a learning disability, students with autism spectrum disorder, or students with developmental or cognitive disabilities.

Meet Our School Admissions Team

Our school is a community of learners and educators. Our success depends on identifying students who are a good fit with our educational program.

Our admissions directors are not only well-versed in the curriculum, instruction, and extracurricular activities offered at our school, each of them is knowledgeable about learning disabilities and can provide guidance regarding our school and other resources.

Their role is to help guide the admissions process for current and future families. We invite you to come for a tour or set up an appointment and learn more about what Groves can do for you.

Trish Mintz
Director of Admissions, Lower School
BS: University of Minnesota: Twin Cities MAED: St. Catherine University Trish Mintz is a lifelong educator. With more than 25 years in early childhood through 8th grade classroom teaching and administration, she truly believes that every child can learn and succeed. Her ability to see learning through the eyes of teachers, parents and especially students, whose learning differences give them both gifts and challenges, provides the perspectives needed to help families make vital choices about their children's education.
Teresa Smith
Director of Admissions, Middle School/Upper School
B.A., University of Minnesota Teresa Smith began her career at Groves Academy in 1998; first in technology and then admissions. Prior to Groves, Teresa worked in Special Education as a Title I and Assurance of Mastery teacher in a local public school. Over the years Teresa has been involved in many local organizations promoting education and student issues. Teresa currently serves as a mentor for Middle and Upper School Ambassadors.

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