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Letter to the Editor "Thankful for Groves"
Letter from Groves parent Allison Iverson appears in SLP Sun Sailor
December 12, 2017

sailor-logo_500x360.jpgThankful for Groves

Nov 30, 2017

To the editor:

Five years ago, the school year was filled with dread and frustration – in the spirit of Thanksgiving this month I want to share my story because I’m thankful for Groves Academy. I also want to share my story in the hopes it will help someone else. When our son was in first grade, he wasn’t performing well at school. After a year and many professional opinions, we received a diagnosis that our son had dyslexia and ADHD. By the time he reached second grade, he was already a year behind his peers in reading.

I made the time to work with him and drive him to tutors and specialists. Despite these efforts, he kept falling further behind in his reading. He was still reading at a first-grade level when he entered fourth grade. We were completely burned out and at our wit’s end, then someone recommended that we look into Groves Academy, a school that specializes in kids with learning disabilities. 

Within the first year of attending Groves, our son made two years of progress in reading. After four years he has gained so much confidence, knows he’s smart and has dreams of someday becoming a veterinarian. The people at Groves have unlocked his academic potential, and have given him a chance to fulfill his dreams.

Don’t let the school year be a source of dread and frustration. There are options out there. I’m thankful for our option with Groves Academy.

Allison Iverson 

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