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Groves Senior Designs Project To Cultivate Inclusivity
Black Excellence Student Project as part of Black History Month
March 31, 2017

In late February, student leader and senior Ezra McNair invited the upper school community at Groves to join him in creating an independent project designed to raise awareness in celebrating Black History Month. All Upper School students and staff were invited to participate.  

Ezra engaged student leaders to join him to recognize Black History Month and African American leaders in science, math, arts, politics, music, and sports. To help give students an appreciation of the breadth and depth of African-American leadership, and in an effort to make sure students had a choice with their projects, they were given more than forty notable African American leaders from which to choose for their group’s focus. 

Ezra explains the impetus for creating his project:

“I wanted Groves to partake in black history month as a push to begin to represent its minority students in the curriculum and also forge better social understanding across the board. My intention was to shed light on current and historical Americans who have had a positive impact on society. My hope for Groves is that more events like this will be held, covering more groups of people, to cultivate a better atmosphere for inclusivity and social understanding in the high school. I am a senior, so I won’t necessarily be around in the years ahead, but I hope this tradition will be upheld and many more like it instituted in the high school. “


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