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Dear Families, Faculty, Staff, and Friends of Groves Academy...
June 29, 2017

20170623_KimPeeples_ed_portrait.jpg"We are excited to have someone with Kim Peeples' experience and passion as the new Head of School at Groves. We're so happy that she'll be joining the Groves staff and John Alexander in his new role as Executive Director. "

- Thomas Schnack, Chairman of the Groves Academy Board of Trustees


Dear Families, Faculty, Staff, and Friends of Groves Academy,

Since 1972, Groves Academy has set the standard for empowering students who have learning disabilities or an attention disorder through transformative learning experiences. The school has thrived for twelve years under John Alexander’s visionary leadership. As a proud parent of a Groves Academy student and as an educator for the past twenty-four years, it is an honor to serve as Groves Academy’s eighth Head of School. 

As parents, my husband, David, and I have been connected to Groves Academy for eight years.  We have experienced first-hand the intentional work of teachers and administrators in guiding our son, Adam, to become a confident, successful, and purposeful learner. We are proud of Adam’s academic growth at Groves. We are also proud of the young man he is becoming through the support and encouragement of remarkable teachers. It is this practice—the commitment to developing the academic potential of each student— that will shape my leadership of the school at Groves Academy.   

As an educator embarking on my twenty-fifth school year, I know Groves Academy to be a school where students are encouraged to be their authentic selves, freeing them to discover their full potential. This is fostered in a learning environment co-created by students, faculty, and administration. I intend to work with our administrative leadership team to maintain, and as needed, enhance our evidence-based curriculum and personalized instructional practices as the foundation for successful outcomes. As a result, students develop tenacity through appropriate challenges that promote thoughtful risk-taking.

I have had the great fortune to serve in various roles in diverse school communities. Each experience has informed my thinking about teaching, learning, and preparing students to be their best selves.

Starting July 10, you will find me:

  • getting to know the Groves Academy community—students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, and members of the board of trustees
  • reviewing programs, systems, processes and academic practices
  • exploring programming designed to enhance the social aptitude in our students


I look forward to the 2017-2018 school year. I look forward to collaborating with John Alexander and all of you to make Groves Academy the best place it possibly can be, for our students, families, faculty, staff and the greater community. I’m excited to hear your priorities and concerns in the days ahead, and would love the opportunity to meet with you in person if you’d like to talk. Please contact Paula Sundberg to schedule time on my calendar.


Kimberly Peeples

Head of School

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