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Groves Academy Alumni 

Who is an alumni?

  • If you attended Groves Academy or Groves Learning Center at any time
  • If you transitioned out of Groves Academy to another school
  • If you graduated from Groves Academy
  • If you are a parent to any of the above


How can alumni interact with Groves Academy?

  • Building relationships and making connections between fellow alumni
  • Growing the greater Groves Academy community by sharing our alumni stories 
  • Make sure we have your current contact information so we can get in touch with you. 
  • Follow us on Social Media and join the private alumni Facebook group.
  • Volunteer at Groves Academy
  • Meet with Becky - Becky Busselman manages the alumni relations program and she would love to meet with you and find ways for you to stay connected with Groves Academy. 



Contact Becky Busselman at or 952-915-4269 for more information. 

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