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Morning Academic Program for Grades 2-8 (June 18 - July 13) 


We are no longer accepting applications for our 2018 summer programs. 

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Our morning academic program is designed for students from the outside community who have a learning disability, such as dyslexia, and/or an attention disorder, such as ADHD, that affects academic achievement.

Students in the morning academic program attend reading, writing, and math classes for 55 minutes each, plus recess. Class sizes are 6-8 students per teacher, instruction is explicit, structured, and multi-sensory. In each subject, care is taken to begin at a level where students can experience success before confidently moving on to more advanced skills.

Reading - Word Attack and Decoding, Fluency, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Spelling

Writing - Capitalization, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Paragraph Development, Idea Organization

Math - Mathematical Concepts, Mathematical Operations, Computation, Word Problems

Teachers combine their experience and expertise with care and understanding, using a diagnostic-prescriptive approach to continually assess and address individual needs. Our teachers have been trained in Orton-Gillingham, Singapore Math, and The Writing Revolution, and they use these approaches to guide their instruction.

Our program is not designed for disruptive or oppositional students, for students with a diagnosis of autism or developmental/cognitive delay, or for students with emotional issues unrelated to a learning disability. 


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