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Summer Programs at Groves Academy

Save the Date! Mark your calendar!

We'll be launching Groves Summer Programs online applications on January 13, 2020.

Our summer program offerings allow families a unique opportunity to experience a Groves education. For many students, summer at Groves is their first positive school experience. They begin to feel confident, smart, and capable, and they may develop a completely different outlook on school.

95% of students’ progress aligned with their expectations

95% satisfied with their summer program experience

95% satisfied with their parent/teacher communication

Academic Program for Grades 2-8

The academic program for grades 2-8 is highly suited for students who have strong ability and a desire to learn along with dyslexia, ADHD, or other learning challenges. In each subject, care is taken to begin at a level where students can experience success before confidently moving on to more advanced skills.

“I felt like the program was individualized enough to meet my daughter where she is at. She enjoyed going as well, which was a big bonus.”

- Parent of Groves Summer Program Student


Enrichment Program for Grades 2-8

Afternoon enrichment classes provide meaningful, structured, and fun activities. All classes provide a safe and inclusive environment and are designed to meet students’ individual needs, interests, and abilities.


Writing and Executive Function Program for Grades 6-8

Students experience direct instruction in writing and executive functioning skills and strategies. Students learn about mindfulness, growth mindset, response inhibition, sustained attention, time management, cognitive flexibility, planning, and organization, and use these strategies to become more independent in writing and literature course work.

“We got more feedback in four weeks than we have received in 4+ years of school and special ed programs. So thankful!”

- Parent of Groves Summer Program Student


Academic Program for Grades 9-11

Within a small, structured, and supportive environment, students can receive the extra help they need to learn or maintain skills, and get a head start on their upcoming school year. Courses include multi-level math, writing, and study/organizational skills.


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