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Career and Post-Secondary Coaching 
Supporting individuals with learning differences to create a plan after high school

Students and young adults facing life transitions are often filled with uncertainty. When those individuals have a learning disability or an attention disorder, that uncertainty is felt even more acutely.

The career and post-secondary coaching service at the Learning Center at Groves Academy is designed to guide individuals with learning differences through high school graduation and beyond. For some that means guiding them from high school into a career, for others it means supporting their path through college or another post-secondary education option toward their chosen field.


What is the Career and Post-Secondary Coaching program at The Learning Center at Groves Academy?

The Groves career and post-secondary coaching staff understands how difficult it is to navigate the future with a learning disability or attention disorder.

Students meet weekly with their coach, and together, they outline a path that best aligns with the student's skills and aspirations. Upon completion of the program, each student is equipped with a better sense of their goals and next steps to move forward into a more certain future.

The service begins with a free 30-minute consultation where the student, parents, and coach discuss needs of the student and decide upon beginning either a 12-hour or 6-hour block of coaching. Coaching is comprised of four elements: 

    • One-hour individual coaching sessions with the student
    • Parent-to-coach communications, as needed
    • Coach administrative planning and scheduling time
    • A one-hour final meeting with the student, parents, and coach


What is included in a Career Coaching package?

    • Weekly, one-hour individual coaching sessions
    • Goal setting
    • Step-by-step planning
    • Final meeting with coach


Depending upon the need, coaching packages may also include:

    • Interest/skill inventories
    • Field study of potential careers
    • College, community, and technical school exploration
    • Job shadows
    • Guided informational interviews
    • Workplace tours
    • Interview coaching
    • Cover letter, resume, and job application assistance


How much do the coaching packages cost?

Families may register for either a 12-hour or 6-hour block of coaching sessions:

$1,200 for 12 hours of coaching – typically for students who need help identifying a career and support with their education options

$660 for 6 hours of coaching – typically for students who have identified their chosen career and need help finding meaningful employment

Payment must be paid in full before contract begins.


What if we need more time with the coach?

We strive to provide students the support they need to be successful within their chosen amount of coaching sessions. However, some families decide they requires additional time, and purchase additional coaching blocks.

We also make a 3-hour block available for $360 for families who have completed a longer full coaching block. Because of the nature of our service, the 3-hour block is only available to those families who have begun the process with an initial 6- or 12-hour block.


How do I register for a coaching package?

Learn more by contacting The Learning Center at 952.920.6377 or by clicking to complete the Groves In-Take Form.

Groves In-Take Form


Please contact Clare Roney at or 952.915.4287 for more information or to register.

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