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Career and Post-Secondary Coaching 
Supporting individuals with learning differences to create a plan after high school

Students and young adults facing life transitions are often filled with uncertainty. When those individuals have a learning disability or an attention disorder, that uncertainty is felt even more acutely.

The career and post-secondary coaching service at the Learning Center at Groves Academy is designed to guide individuals with learning differences through high school graduation and beyond. For some that means guiding them from high school into a career, for others it means supporting their path through college or another post-secondary education option toward their chosen field.


Comprehensive Package:

This package is designed to offer comprehensive support for the client that is at the start of post-secondary planning.  

This level of support will help an individual identify areas of interest, career exploration and post-secondary options with the needed support services available. This package offers thorough collaboration, support and communication.  The timeframe will averages 4-6 months depending on client needs.


Partial Package:

This experience is best suited for a client who is able to articulate interests and goals for a future career and/or post-secondary setting.

This client may need help affirming their choices as well as making sure the appropriate support services are in place.  Support will also be provided with the application and essay process. This package is also designed for the career focused client that needs help finding meaningful employment.  They may want help with resume, cover letter and/or mock interviews.  This package typically averages 2-3 months depending on client needs. 


How do I register for a coaching package?

Learn more by contacting The Learning Center at 952.920.6377 or by clicking to complete the Groves In-Take Form.

Groves In-Take Form


Please contact Clare Roney at or 952.915.4287 for more information or to register.

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