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Institute for Professional Learning at Groves Academy®

The Institute for Professional Learning at Groves Academy shares the evidence-based teaching methods from our school with teachers, schools, and organizations in the community.

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We believe we have a moral obligation to democratize good literacy instruction for all students in our community and nation. 

The Literacy Crisis

Our nation is facing a literacy crisis. Too many children are reading below grade level.

In the Twin Cities and Minnesota, despite our reputation for good schools, the literacy crisis is more a matter of equity.

    • Only 24% of Minneapolis and St. Paul students receiving free and reduced lunches can read proficiently in 3rd grade (Source: 2016 GenNext)

    • Minnesota has one of the worst reading achievement gaps in the nation. 


The Groves Solution

The Institute for Professional Learning at Groves Academy began in March 2016 in order to share the evidence-based literacy instruction developed in our school with the education community in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Over many years at Groves Academy, we developed the Groves Literacy Framework™ to teach reading and spelling. Our approach has been proven successful and can advance students over two grade levels in reading during their first year of instruction.

Our approach can help emerging readers solidify their reading skills by 3rd grade and struggling readers in older grades become proficient.

Hundreds of teachers have participated in our professional learning workshops, and nine schools have established literacy partnerships with us to implement the Groves Literacy Framework in their schools. Through these efforts, we have reached thousands of students in the community.

How We Help

The Institute for Professional Learning at Groves Academy can help in two ways.

Schools administrators interested in establishing a literacy partnership at their school with the Institute for Professional Learning are encouraged to contact us for more information.

New literacy partnerships commence at the beginning of each school year. The planning process starts the year prior with signed agreements in place by May.

School Partner Info Request

Individual teachers can enroll in our professional learning workshops to advance their personal knowledge of literacy instruction to benefit their own classroom students. These workshops teach the successful Orton-Gillingham approach used at Groves Academy.

Teacher Workshop Schedule

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