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Presented by Judy Bandy, ADHD LifeTools
This researched-based workshop about ADHD/Executive Functions will provide parents and professionals the knowledge needed to implement strategies for both academic success and harmony at home.


Judy Bandy is an ADHD Coach and Educator with extensive background in supporting youth managing ADHD. As a registered nurse, she served as a school nurse in a middle school for 10 years. She developed a program supporting students with ADHD founded on education and executive function support, including working with teachers and parents. Her further training becoming a Certified Life Coach and earning a Masters of Arts in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy equips her to individually coach clients, educate parents and teachers. In addition, she facilitates Mindful Parenting Groups to allow parents to learn the skills to respond rather than react as they guide their child managing ADHD.  Judy is energized, passionate, and honored to work with individuals, families and schools navigating an ADHD diagnosis.

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