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Psychologists at Groves Academy are experienced clinicians with a deep expertise in learning disabilities, including dyslexia, and attention disorders.  Evaluations are undertaken to address concerns about why a student is struggling and to develop a plan to deal with any issues identified.  The following is a summary of the diagnoses our psychologists make:

Learning disabilities

• Dyslexia
• Dysgraphia
• Dyscalculia

Learning issues 

• Reading comprehension
• Language processing
• Written expression
• Memory
• Visual-perceptual processing
• Mathematical reasoning

Executive-Functioning weaknesses

• Organization
• Time management
• Working memory
• Planning

Emotional and behavioral disorders

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Low self-esteem/negative self-concept
• Oppositional behaviors
• Social skills deficits

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and related issues 

Groves psychologists also conduct assessments to help with:

• Cognitive testing/readiness assessment for independent school admissions
• Testing to help determine if qualified for extended time on standardized tests (ACT and SAT)

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