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Diagnostic Assessments for Learning Disabilities


Is your son or daughter struggling in school?  A diagnostic assessment at Groves Academy can help you better understand how your child learns, and what you can do to help him or her be successful in school.

Since 1972, Minnesota families of children with learning differences have found answers to their educational needs at Groves Academy – the state’s only established independent school for children with learning disabilities and attention disorders, and a center for literacy education and advocacy.  Psychologists at Groves Academy provide assessment services to students of all ages from schools throughout the Twin Cities area. 

Groves psychologists administer diagnostic assessments to determine why a student is struggling in school and where the learning process is breaking down.  With this information, Groves psychologists develop a plan to remediate learning issues using proven strategies and interventions.

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Psychologists at Groves Academy go beyond the diagnosis to empower parents and students with a clear understanding of the child’s learning issues and a plan of action to ensure the child’s academic success. 

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