COVID-19 Updates:

We want our community to know that we are OPEN and continuing to serve students and families. The Groves Learning Center is offering online one-to-one tutoring and speech-language therapy and is scheduling in-person diagnostic assessments. We continue to accept applications to our Summer Programs through Friday, June 5. Please contact us as we are ready to answer all your questions and create an individualized plan to serve your needs. For updates on COVID-19, click here.

Reading Comprehension Resources

The ability to read and understand text is essential to learning. Reading comprehension can be impacted by a number of challenges, including language comprehension, working memory deficits, executive function, and decoding challenges.

Building Essential Skills for Reading Comprehension

Students must master the following skills in order to fully understand what they are reading. A variety of methods to increase reading comprehension can be used both in school and at home to help students practice and develop these essential skills.

Can Groves Academy Help Improve Reading Comprehension?

There are any number of reasons a student may struggle with reading comprehension. The Learning Center at Groves Academy can help determine if a learning or attention deficit disorder is the cause. We offer diagnostic evaluations and neuropsychological assessments to students of all ages. Tutoring is available to those who need additional help developing skills to improve reading comprehension.

Our school provides evidence-based literacy instruction to all students. Students who receive Groves literacy instruction at our school can advance more than two grade levels in reading during the first year of instruction.