About Groves Academy

Get to Know Us

Groves Academy is a nonprofit educational organization working to redefine the way our nation is taught, one student, one teacher, one school at a time. We have a rich history of supporting bright students who struggle with learning disabilities and attention disorders, as well as promoting evidence-based literacy instruction for all.

  • Our School

    Our School is Minnesota’s leading independent school for students with learning disabilities and attention disorders, and a national leader in educating students who learn differently.

  • Groves Learning CenterTM

    Groves Learning Center serves families in the community who benefit from our expertise in diagnosing and supporting those with learning disabilities and attention disorders. Services offered include diagnostic assessments, tutoring, speech-language therapy, and summer programs.

  • Groves Literacy Partnerships®

    Groves Literacy Partnerships share the proven teaching methods from our school to advance literacy instruction among other schools throughout our community and beyond.

  • Expertise

    Groves has expertise in literacy, learning disabilities, and attention disorders along with the tools, knowledge and support needed for success. This unique understanding stems from nearly 50 years of experience educating students and includes the intellectual, social, and emotional aspects of learning.

Why Choose Groves Academy?

Groves Academy is a unique education organization created to help struggling students reach their true potential. Our mission is to build confidence, success, and purpose through transformative learning experiences. We combine the science of learning with the art of teaching to make learning a rewarding experience for all students.

We began as a small school serving students who had the ability and desire to learn along with dyslexia, ADHD, or other executive functioning challenges. Through the use of evidence-based, best practices in the classroom — expert teachers, small class sizes, and specialized curriculum — our students gained the skills and confidence needed to succeed in school.

We quickly established ourselves as a one-of-a-kind school for students with learning disabilities and attention disorders. However, it became clear early on that the need for our unique approach to learning extended far beyond our walls. To meet the needs of students not attending our school, we expanded our offerings by creating Groves Learning Center.

“When I read with my son now he is fearless, and proud of his ability. The reading ability itself is incredible, but it has impacted him in a much bigger way. He is more confident, more compassionate, and more independent than ever before.”

Groves Learning Center supports both Groves families and those in the community with services such as diagnostic evaluations, tutoring, speech-language therapy, and summer programs. We also offer community workshops for outside school staff and families that focus on better understanding learning disabilities and attention disorders.

Our approach to learning is grounded in scientific research and backed by decades of proven academic results. This success has driven us to become a catalyst for systems change in literacy instruction. Groves Literacy Partnerships enable us to share our evidence-based teaching methods from our school to advance literacy instruction with other teachers and schools in the community. We work with teachers in partner schools to ensure all students in grades K-3 receive literacy instruction based on the science of reading.

Groves Academy is the only organization of its kind in Minnesota. We collaborate with other schools to ensure the students who attend our school are fully supported during their transition to and from our program. Through Groves Learning Center, we are committed to working with other schools and diagnostic centers to ensure each of our students receive the care and support needed to reach their individual goals. Together with our K-3 partner schools, Groves Literacy Partnerships make it possible for us to improve literacy instruction throughout the community and ensure all students learn to read by 3rd grade.

Talk to Us

We are proud of the people, programs, and services that make up Groves Academy and hope that you enjoy getting to know us better by exploring our website, contacting us, or coming to visit.

Groves Academy By The Numbers

Our Impact on Learning Disabilities, Attention Disorders, and Literacy

  • 46 Years of Experience
  • 3 Distinct Programs
  • 5,000+ People Impacted Each Year

Our School

  • 285 Students Enrolled
    • Lower School: 100 Students
    • Middle School: 95 Students
    • Upper School: 90 Students
  • Average Class Size: 8
  • Typical Student/Teacher Ratio: 8:1
  • 20+ Activities, Clubs and Sports Opportunities
  • Minnesota’s leading established independent school serving children with learning disabilities and attention disorders.

Our Students

  • 100% Have Strong Ability and Desire to Learn
  • 85% With Learning Disabilities Such as Dyslexia
  • 60% With Attention or Executive Functioning Deficit Such as ADHD
  • 70% Previously in a Public School
  • 20% Students of Color
  • 30% Receiving Financial Aid

Our Faculty

  • 45 Classroom Teachers
  • 15 Specialists (Art, Music, Theater, Home Science, Physical Education, Speech-Language)
  • 3 School Counseling Staff
  • 67% of Faculty/Staff with Advanced Degrees
  • 64% with Our School 4+ Years
  • 70+ Hours Annual Faculty Professional Development

Groves Learning Center

  • 1,000+ Individuals Served Annually in the Community
  • 20+ Annual Community Workshops and Events
  • 5 Full-Time Licensed Psychologists/Diagnosticians on Staff
  • 500 Diagnostic Assessments Each Year
  • Over 3,000 Tutoring Sessions Each Year
  • Over 200 Students Experience an Intensive Summer Program Each Year
  • Countless Community Partners, Including Pediatricians, Psychologists, Independent Schools and More

Groves Literacy Partnerships

  • 46 Literacy Partnerships
  • 276 Classrooms in Partner Schools
  • 4,900+ K-3 Students Reached in Partner Schools

Groves Academy is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit educational institution that relies on support from our families and our community in order to continue our transformative work every day.