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Welcome to Groves Academy! 

Groves Academy is an education organization with a rich history of supporting bright students who learn differently as well as promoting literacy instruction for all.

Groves is comprised of three programs: Groves Academy - Our School, The Learning Center at Groves Academy, and the Institute for Professional Learning at Groves Academy. 

Our School is Minnesota's only established school for students with learning disabilities and attention disorders, and a national leader in educating students who learn differently. 

The Learning Center serves families in the community who do not attend our school but who would benefit from our expertise in diagnosing and supporting those with learning disabilities and attention disorders.

The Institute for Professional Learning shares the proven teaching methods from our school to advance literacy instruction among other teachers, schools, and organizations.

Groves has expertise in literacy, learning disabilities, and attention disorders and we have the tools, knowledge and support needed for success. This unique understanding stems from our 40 years’ experience educating students, and includes the intellectual, social, and emotional aspects of learning.

We are proud of the people, programs, and services that make up Groves Academy and hope that you enjoy getting to know us better by exploring our website, contacting us, or coming to visit.

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