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Donor Recognition

Groves Academy relies on the generosity of the friends and families who support our mission. Below is list of benefactors who made gifts from September 1, 2013 - August 31, 2014.

Foundations & Corporations  
$20,000 and Above $1,000 - $1,499
Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation Associated Financial Group, Inc.
Donald and Margaret Anderson Foundation Coridian Technologies, Inc.
Imagine! Print Solutions Rohn Industries
  Thoresen Diaby Helle Condon & Dodge, Inc.
$10,000 - $14,999  
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. $500 - $999
Pfizer Matching Gifts Program Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
  BMO Harris Bank
$5,000 - $9,999 Fabricon Foundation
BlueWater Manufacturing Rockler Jackson Family Foundation
David D. MacMillan Family Foundation Scott and Gina Gage Family Foundation
Ecolab Foundation Simma, Flottemesch & Orenstein, Ltd.
RMC Project Management, Inc. U.S. Bank Foundation
Solutran Venture Photography
Walter and Leona Schmitt Family Foundation  
  Up to $499
$2,500 - $4,999 Abbott Fund
General Mills Foundation Ally Financial Inc.
Hultgren, Hoxie and Waki Orthodontics Center Development Associates
James L. Reissner Family Foundation Chestnut Cambronne
M.A. Mortenson Company Highmark Exteriors, LLC
Skyway Dental Clinic Medtronic Foundation
Target Corporation Sieben Polk P.A.
Thrivent Financial - Stonebridge Group  
Wells Fargo Private Client Services  
$1,500 - $2,499  
Fafinski Mark & Johnson PA  
Hoffman Enclosures  
Piper Jaffray Matching Gifts Program  
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign  


$20,000 and Above Up to $249 
Anonymous  Lynn M. Abramson
Mark and Anne Donahoe  Harry and Leslie Adler
Robert Fayfield and Jeanne Hoene  John and Cheryl Alexander
Emery and Karen Koenig  LeAnne Andersen
The Sanger Family - Steve, Karen, Mark, and Ashleigh   Katy and Kevin Anderson
Tom and Jeanne Schnack  Chris and Kayla Anderson
Stephanie Simon and Craig Bentdahl  Ruth and Bruce Anderson
Patrick and Sheila Walsh  Sarah Anderson
   Glenn and Cathy Anderson
$10,000 - $14,999  Julia and John Arnold
Anonymous  Eileen Auers
Erin W. Hearst-Knudsen  Kim and Dan Aune
Cindy and James Murphy  Patricia and Jev Baskin
Gary and Sue Schiess  Colee and John Bean
Darlene Stillpass  Bruce and Margaret Beese
Scott and Katey Taylor  Kim and James Behr
Tom and Angie Wicka  Marjorie Belkin
   Aaron and Tina Billstrom
$5,000 - $9,999  Amy Blackmore
John and Gretchen Corkrean  Emily Bliss
Julia W. Dayton  Maria and Greg Bliss
Terry and Susan Dolan  Christine and Brian Bradshaw
Peter and Jane Doyon  Denise and Brad Branch
Mark and Becky Doyscher  Paul and Sarah Brookner
Ellen Gallagher  Maggie and Mike Brown
Debra Hamilton and Fred Schilling  Lisa and Patrick Brunner
Michael and Karmen Hoxie  Jonna Bundul
Greg and Gail Kenton  Bill and Kathy Campion
Barry and Carmen Nordstrand  Rick Campion
Robert and Susan Ostrow  Daniel and Pamela Carlin
Steve and Leanne Pontius  Brendan and Miaja Cassidy
Sara and Peter Ribbens  Kerin Chase
Daniel Rischall and Karen Blumberg  Connie Cohen
Tom and Janet Sass  Roberta and Elliot Cohen
   Alyson S. Coleman
$2,500 - $4,999  Erica Connelly
Russ and Kathleen Adams  Jennifer and Matt Cords
Russell and Lori Anderson  Daniel Coulter
David and Debbie Andreas  Floyd Cuttino
David Andrews  Annamarie A. Daley
Nathan Bergeland and Jillian Link  Kim and Steve Dalzell
Judy Brink  Michael Dimunation
David Brink  Susan Dinapoli
Nancy and Loren Brown  Anna Dosen-Hicks
Steve and Sue Chirhart  Kari L. Dunning
Helen Cleveland  Duane and Kathy Eischens
Dan and Mary Crear  Leah and Peter Elsham
Eric and Ginny Green  Ellen Engstrom
Mark Hodder and Xunyu Qian  McKenzie Erickson
Michael and Susan Horovitz  Pat Erlinger
David and Wendy Huml  William Evenson
Scott and Jennifer Lang  Brent and Susan Fischer
Jim and Julie Meinen  Robin Fisher
David and Nancy Nordmeyer  Leo Flaten
Suanne and David Orenstein  John Foley and Cynthia Case
Katie Piehl and Rich Knowlton  Brian and Ann Folkman
Matthew and Megan Prindiville  Jenny and Chris Forrest
Shawn and Elizabeth Quant  Paul and Beth Forsline
William and Joan Reichwald  Darrin and Nancy Francis
Jim and Jean Reissner  Michael and Patricia Freeman
C. Martin Schuster and Marti Reidel  Molly Gabriele
Ken and Nancy Woodrow  Susan E. Gaertner
   Gordy and Rinda Galarneau
$1,500 - $2,499  Jan Gegax
Anonymous  Diane Gerhardt
Gordon W. Cleaveland  Ray Gibson
Dan Deikel  Mimi Gleekel
Amy and Derek Diesen  Bill and Susan Goldenburg
Tom Farrell  David and Tera Goldman
Patricia Frazier and David Herring  Susan Goldman
Michelle Klein-Swanson and Scott Swanson  Kyle and Carol Green
Katherine and Alan Kowalchyk  Jennifer Green
Solveig Land  Jana and Brett Greenfield
Greg Lincoln  Diane L. Greengross
Debbie and Larry Moran  Bruce and Denice Grout
Andy Olsen and Kennon Jaeger  Brian and Angela Gustafson
Katherine and Leo Roepke  Shannon Hable
Mary Streitz  Howard and Joyce Hall
Andrew and Kathy Washburn  Ann M. Hanrahan
Charles Weil  Jean and Terry Hayward
   Sandra Hecker
$1,000 - $1,499  Kim and Dan Heiar
Keith Abrahamson and Karlene Johnson  Judy Heimkes
Randy Ban and Sally Gilchrist  Kathy and Jamie Hennen
Ronald and Gay Baukol  Dr. Marcia Henry
Leonard and Missy Blum  Todd Hill
Matt and Vivian Boockmeier  Paul and Karen Hillen
TC and Dick Bruckner  Mark and Lynn Hochhauser
Judson Dayton  Bridget Hoerr
David and Ann Dickey  Patricia Hudson
Bill and Teena Dietz  William Hudson
Rich and Erika Dorn  Christine Huelster
Jean Edblom  Jennifer L. Jewison
Robert and Mary Fayfield  Thomas and Helen Jirak
Al Giesen and Eileen O'Byrne  Gretchen S. Johns
Matthew and Jacqueline Haughey  Megan Johnson
Jan Heasley  Ted and Rita Johnson
Lou and Joanna Hoerr  Vaughn Johnson
Janice Hoffman  Ted Jokerst
Janice S. Hope  Andrew and Marcy Joseph
Julie and Tommy Johns  Thomas Kane
Patricia Kenton and Phil Politz  Jamie Kato
Todd and Nancy Koch  Steve and Lisa Kato
Mark and Jennifer Labovitz  Leroy an Miriam Kieffer
Sean E. McCauley and Joselyn Raymundo  Christie King
Lee and Bonnie McGrath  Bard Knudsen
Chris and Annie O'Brien  Selina and Ryan Kolsrud
Steve and Louise Pfeiffer  Ann Koterba
Donna Pohlad  Orlando Krueger
Anne and Scott Quinlan  Jeanette and Gerald Kurtti
Tony and Jill Sorenson  Steven and Carole Lang
Eric Stich and Mae Rukavina  Mark and Jean Larson
John and Lisa Wagner  Ryan and Sarah LeBeau
Jeff Weber and Judy Kilian-Weber  Michelle and John LeBlanc
Anthony and Toby Yankauskas  Mike and Nikki Lee
Mark and Janette Youker  John Levinsohn
   Lori and Richard Licht
$500 - $999  Mark and Jennifer Lindberg
Anonymous  Joe and Angie Littrel
George and Connie Aram  Nora and Doug Livesay
Larry and Wendy Auers  Mark Lloyd
Eve Bassinger  Ann Longfellow
Mary and Bruce Bean  Misty and Todd Lorinser
Mark R. Bohlig  Nancy Lothenbach
David and Diana Carroll  Anthony D. Lott
David and Katherine Crosby  Allen Lubitz
Dave and Shelley Dobrotka  Leslie Lundgren
Russ and Michele Hable  Kathy Lutzka
Richard and Sandy Haddad  Gary Maher and Marcia Kull
Brendan Hanley  Margaret Mahoney
Travis and Heather Hansberger  Marilyn Marker
Lisa Holter  Robert and Margaret Marshall
Jack and Anne Hussian  James and Kathy Marson
Allison and David Iverson  Susan Martinson
Tom and Victoria Johnson  Carol Maske
Mark Johnson  Jeff Mathias and Linda Elliot
Sue Kirchoff  Delaney Mathison
Garrett Kolar  Durjoy and Rachelle Mazumdar
Jacqui and Ron Mason  William McConaghay
Cindee and Kevin McCarthy  Thomas P. McGlynn
Gayle McJunkin  Walt and Kathleen McHenry
Greg and Marge Meader  June and Patrick McKinney
James and Jeannine Nayes  Heather L. McStay
Lisa and James Nyhusmoen  Carolyn Meyers
Berit and John O'Connor  Kel Miller
Gen Olson  Richard and Susan Milteer
Kathy and Jon Perlinger  Joel Mintzer and Heidi Schneider
Jim Pinckaers and Nancy Ott Pinckaers  Liz Misiaveg-Patel and Apur Patel
Mary and Doug Platt  Ken and Karin Munroe
Robert and Marie Plourde  Kevin Nakagaki and Susan McGraw Nakagaki
Bill and Christine Ringham  Sallie Neal
Jim and Ann Rooney  Tim and Sara Nelson
Steve and Marilyn Rothschild  Laura and Jerry Nelson
Angela Schiess  Elizabeth and Peter Nelson
Dieter and Sandy Schilling  Angela M. Nichols
Michael and Kristin Schimek  Michael and Kristen Nicklawske
Craig and Karen Scofield  Joan A. Nolan
Galen and Mary Jo Severson  Jan and Mark Nordvall
Kent and Monica Stuart  Timothy and Dana O'Connor
Dean and Susan Thomson  Beckie O'Connor
Dr. Steve Tsai and Dr. Margaret Simpson  Rebecca K. Oeltjen
Chuck Vavrus  Todd and Nicole Olson
Sally Weatherly  Curtis and Keri Olufson
Susan and Bill Westbrook  Christine Parker
Marjorie Zats  Tony Pedriana
Lisa Zelinsky  Joanna and Ronald Perkins
   Tom and Susan Perrier
$250 - $499  Dee Peterson
Floyd and Andrea Adelman  Lynn Peterson
Alyson and John Armstrong  Evan and Mary Peterson
Jamie Bade  Mitchell and Kristin Petrie
Moira Bateman and Bill Beeman  Bryant and Julie Pfeiffer
Kingford and Maria Bavender  Meghan and Eric Pfeifer
Dan and Sarah Beaty  Mark Picknall
Jeffrey and Carol Belz  Kate Piper
Michael and Amanda Berthoud  Pam and Brian Pittenger
Nicole Brink  Katlyn Plourde
Ted and Amy Browne  Catherine A. Polasky
Betty Bundul  Mike and Sue Popovich
Jamie Bundul  Dave and Deb Pothen
Becky and Paul Busselman  Dale and Katy Rathke
Wade and Katherine Campbell  Rudd Rayfield and Kay Schoenwetter
Terence Check and Andrea Shaker  Kandi Retzlaff and Peggy Sammons
Michael and Mary Cleary  Jaclyn Riemer
Cinthia Coletti Haan  Mike Rivard and Vivian Johnson
Kathleen and Mark Copeland  Sharon Robinson
Marty and Luann Culhane  Amy Rosen
Anna Diehl  Beth and Peter Rozga
Allan and Judy Elias  Philip Sachs
Rachel and David Erickson  Laura Sass
Bette and Ed Erickson  Eric Schilling
Steven and Mimi Fisher  Nelson E. Schmidt
Kim and Sean Gallant  Christopher Schoonover
Janet and Tim Gibson  Rachel and David Schwandt
Tom Goodmanson  Krista and Don Schwartz
Barry and Susan Graceman  Kitty Segal
Bernadette Groh and Steve Waisbren  Sheldon and Carol Segal
Colleen and Brandon Guest  Emily Shanley
Gwendolyn Gunter and Cheryl DeGroff  Margaret Sibbet
Anne Harbison and Steve Ruedisili  Annie and Charlie Singer
Dell Hartmann and Jane Rine  Ann and Jeremy Sinon
Vicky Hill-Rickey  Eric Sjostrom and Lisa Keitel
Dr. Martin Kaplan and Carole Kaplan  Edward and Dorothy Slonim
Christine and Gary Keeney  Teresa and Brad Smith
Russ Kennedy  Rick Smith and Kathy Fuller
Karen L. Kowalke  Tim Smith
Michelle and David Krelic  Sharon Snyder
Michael and Linda Laak  Arlene and Ralph Sonday
Chris and Krystyne Lafean  Tracy and Nathan Spring
Lynette and Robert Lamb  Megan St. Amand
Mary Pat and Michael Litwin  Russ and Melissa Stark
Ron Michalak and Kerry Aikman  Sharron L. Steinfeldt
Dan and Bridget Nassif  Elaine R. Steinman
Thomas and Elinor Nicklawske  Jim Stiller
Rebecca and Mark Odland  Paula and Paul Sundberg
John and Karen Peters  Bill and Vicki Swanson
Donna Piehl  John Tamminen and Deborah Jahn
Marcy and Scott Pohlman  Kerry Thompson
Mark Popp  Pamela and James Toole
Chuck Rottinghaus  Gail and Hans Tronnes
Todd and Natalie Salden  John and Kristen Turcotte
Karl and Joey Scherman  John an Mary Ursu
Birgit and Randall Schold  Wayne and Kathie Volland
Leo and Christine Stern  Franklyn and Caprice Waller
Chuck and Mary Tambornino  Adolf and Helen Walser
Mark and Sue Tambornino  Thomas and Nancy Wanvig
Steve and Susan Wilson  Steve and Kathy Waters
Randall Zats and Ellen Hertz  John and Megan Wedl
   Patti and Ralph Weichselbaum
   Amy Wellik and Anne Gorde
   Nancy Westby
   Jeff and Lois Wilkinson
   Vivienne Williamson and Eric Mraz
   Peter and Jodie Wilson
   Kathy Wimmer
   Heather Winters
   Robert Wolfe
   Dallas and Ronald Wolford
   Fremajane Wolfson
   Dan and Shelley Woodbury
   Marcia and Chi Yeung
   Amy and David Zaroff
   Michael and Janet Zingale
   Dominic and Barbara Zweber


Gift-in-Kind Donors                                    Honor/Memorial Gift Donors

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