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Professional Development

Groves Academy is Minnesota's leading school for students with learning disabilities and attention disorders, and a center for literacy instruction, education and advocacy in the Midwest.  We are proud to be one of Minnesota's leading providers of professional development opportunities to educators and professionals who work with students with learning disabilities and attention disorders.  Every year, Groves Outreach, the community outreach component of Groves Academy, offers the widest assortment of workshops, training classes and conferences available to educators throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

At Groves Academy, we understand that educator knowledge is the critical factor which determines student success.  Thus, we are committed to delivering workshops, training and conferences for educators on the use and implementation of the proven, evidence-based curricula we use in our day school.  We believe that success with students with learning disabilities requires instruction that is direct, sequential, and multi-sensory, and a curriculum that is proven and scientifically-based.

We invite you to explore the rich variety of offerings that are available to educators and professionals in our community.

We also encourage you to visit our Community Workshops section to learn about the more than 30 workshops and conferences Groves offers to students, parents, educators and other professionals in the greater Twin Cities area and Minnesota.

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