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Afternoon Enrichment Classes for Grades 2-8

Mark Your Calendar for Groves Academy's Summer School in 2014!

On the heels of our most successful summer school program ever, Groves Academy is pleased to announce the dates of our Summer School Program for 2014:

  • Grades 2-8: June 16 through July 11, 2014
  • Grades 9-12: July 28 through August 8, 2014

Click here to view the 2014 Summer School brochure, which includes application materials.


One-Hour Classes

Energy Blast! Get active and experience a wide range of sports and games! Students will be grouped into age-appropriate sections, and activities will be modified when necessary.

  • Chasing, Fleeing, & Dodging Games: If you like to chase and dodge, try out Medic, tag games, and capture the flag!
  • Super Net Sports: Approach the net if you like ping pong, badminton, pickle ball, and volleyball!
  • Outdoor Team Sports: Try your hand at soccer, softball, and ultimate Frisbee.
  • Indoor Team Sports: Enjoy friendly competition while playing football, floor hockey, and basketball.

Crafts, Cards and Creations
Welcome to the wonderful world of jewelry, card design, scrapbooking, and creating. Students will make creative cards using stamps and craft items, and will also make key chains, necklaces, earrings, pins and home decor. Activities will vary each week.

Keyboarding An essential skill for school success, this class will give students instruction in keyboarding using a multi-sensory program that focuses on the touch method of fingering patterns in alphabetical order while verbalizing new key names. Great for new typists and those who wish to improve basic skills. Students may be divided into two groups to accommodate skill levels.

Junior Great Books In this enrichment reading class, students listen to and discuss outstanding works of literature. The emphasis is on   working together to understand the meaning of the stories. Students build critical thinking skills, higher level comprehension abilities, and confidence in sharing personal perspectives - all in the context of fun discussions. Students may be divided into two groups to accommodate different grade levels. Stories will vary each week

Interested in registering or want more information?  

Contact Colee Bean at for more information.

Two-Hour Classes

Design, Discover, Sculpt
Welcome to the world of design! Students will brainstorm, discuss and sketch out sculpture ideas. Next, they will find materials and techniques that are best to construct the sculpture. Finally, they will sculpt! Materials will include wire, clay, found objects, paper mache, and more. Come with an open mind and be ready to get dirty.

Paints, Pastels, and Prints
Come explore the exciting art mediums of paint, oil pastels, and printmaking. We will learn different techniques for painting self-portraits, landscapes and pop art. We will then move onto the blending world of oil pastels, creating works of art that use all colors and tints. We will also explore printmaking, creating textures with everyday objects, using printing plates, and making copies of our work.

Clay Nation
Create sculptures with your hands and make functional pots on a potter's wheel. Students will work on hand-building projects and throwing pots, then they will explore the art of glazing and designing the surface of the pots. This class is open to students who want to learn to build and throw, as well as those who want to develop their skills further.

Adventure Club
This activity-based program is designed to facilitate the development and maintenance of positive social   relationships. Students will participate in age-appropriate, teacher-directed activities and field trips, where they will be exposed to real-life social settings and situations. Activities include bowling, swimming, roller-skating, and visiting a nature center, among others. This program will provide a secure and nurturing environment where students are free to build friendships and have fun.

Come along on a journey through the enchanting world of science. We will take things apart to see how they work, build Lego robots and program them for everyday tasks, and watch clips from shows like How It's Made and Mythbusters. For our final project we will build a Rube Goldberg device and turn it into a spectacle for all to see.

Interested in registering or want more information?  

Contact Colee Bean at for more information.

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