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Groves Academy's 2015 Summer School
Grades 9-12: July 27 through August 7, 2015

The high school program is open to students entering 9th through 12th grades and includes three separate components: Algebra Readiness Overview; Writing Strategies; and Study Skills and Assistive Technology. Students can participate in one, two or all three sections. 

More information and application materials are available in our summer programs brochure.

Avoid Learning Loss! Sign Your Student Up for a Class at Groves this Summer!

"The American ideal of lazy summers filled with fun has an unintended consequence: If students are not engaged in learning over the summer, they lose skills in math and reading. Summers off are one of the most important, yet least acknowledged, causes of underachievement in our schools. Decades of research confirm that summer learning loss is real. According to a report released [in June 2011] by the RAND Corporation, the average summer learning loss in math and reading for American students amounts to one month per year."  © New York Times

Summer Learning

Learning loss is real for all students, and students with a learning disability are even more vulnerable.  Avoid learning loss for your high school student by enrolling him or her in a Groves Academy summer academic program.  Open to students entering the 9th through 12th grades, Groves Academy's summer program will help prevent learning loss and keep your student engaged and learning.  Groves Academy teachers, who have expertise in working with students with learning disabilities and attention disorders, teach all classes.

Algebra Readiness Overview
This class includes operations with fractions, decimals, percents, ratios, proportions, integers, graphing, and  introduction to algebraic concepts. This course provides a high-level overview of important pre-algebra concepts but is not intended to replace a year-long, pre-algebra class.

Writing Strategies
This class provides direct instruction in the foundational skills of expository writing for all content areas. Students will learn strategies for writing sentences, paragraphs, and compositions. In addition, instruction will focus on strategies to help students organize their thoughts and translate those thoughts into clear written communication.

Study Skills and Assistive Technology
Learn to maximize learning in this interactive class, which orients students to vital elements of learning such as note-taking, active reading, academic writing, and organization of time and materials. Students will explore methods of note-taking with both low and high tech tools, learn strategies to enhance comprehension through active reading and summary writing, explore strategies for organizing materials and managing time, and will have the opportunity to use assistive technology to support reading and writing. Students will reflect on and discuss together the learning strategies presented in class.

Interested in registering or want more information? Downloard the information and registration brochure here, or contact Curtis Olufson at

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