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What is GPS?  
The Groves Post Secondary (GPS) Program is a support program to aid students in gaining independence as they transition from high school to either college or a job.  

What are the components of GPS?  
The GPS Program has three components:  
1) Education - Academic Support: GPS provides tutoring and academic support to students enrolled in college courses. This support includes, but is not limited to subject-specific academic help, assistance in registering for classes, navigating disability services, and life coaching.  
2) Career - Job Support and Job Skills: Through a partnership with Lifeworks, GPS places students in jobs within their areas of interest. GPS and Lifeworks provide job coaching and aids students in completing resumes and job applications. GPS also has its own student-run business, Groves Quality Furniture. Students build custom-made furniture, including Adirondack chairs, outdoor patio sets, benches, and trunks. The entire business is managed by students—from product creation to marketing to invoicing customers. Students learn valuable skills necessary to run a small business.  
3) Life - Independence and Life Coaching: GPS aids in the teaching of valuable life skills, fostering emotional and social development, and ultimately helping the student move toward independent living. Life coaching is involved in everything we do at GPS.  

Can students be involved in just one part of the program, or are they required to do all three?  
Life coaching is included in each component. Students who aren't enrolled full-time in college classes can participate also participate in the Career component of the program.  

What types of students do you serve?  
GPS works with LD/ADHD students who need help with executive functioning skills, such as time management and organization.  

How long could a student be a part of the program?  
The length of time students are part of GPS varies according to individual needs. Some students come for only one semester, while others may choose to be involved throughout their entire college experience.  

What is the age range of students involved in the program?  
GPS is a program for recent high school graduates up to age 25 who are seeking help in their first years of transition between high school and college or work.  

What is the application process?  
Prospective students and their parents must first schedule an appointment with GPS staff to visit the campus and determine if the program is a good fit for the student's needs. Students and parents must both fill out an application form and hold individual interviews with program staff. The goal of the admissions process is to ensure that the program is an appropriate transitional step for the student.  

What types of strategies and technologies do you use with students?  
The program is personalized for each student, utilizing a variety of study skills strategies, learning strategies and assistive technology.  

What are your program hours?  
Tutoring and coaching is available from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.  

What types of projects do students work on in the business?  
The program business, GPS Quality Furniture, primarily focuses on the building and selling of outdoor furniture. Seasonal projects have included holiday ornament design and sales, children's playhouse building, and outdoor landscaping.  

What if transportation is an issue?  
As part of independent living skills coaching, students will receive assistance in seeking out and navigating public transportation systems.  

Are scholarships available?  
Yes, scholarships based on financial need are available. Students and their families must first complete the online application at The information will then be sent to Groves Academy to determine the family's financial need.  

How many students are in the program?  
Fifteen students are taking part in the GPS Program for the 2011-12 academic year. There were five students in the 2010 GPS Summer Program.  

Where is the GPS Program located?  
We are located adjacent to Groves Academy at Highway 100 and Minnetonka Boulevard in St. Louis Park, MN.

Can GPS be a resource to help decide if college is appropriate?  
Yes, GPS staff will work with students and parents to determine if college is an appropriate option, and if so, which institution would be the best fit for the student. Some students come to GPS before being admitted to a college, while others join the program after struggling to adapt to college.  

What colleges have GPS students attended? Are the college choices limited?  
Students have been enrolled in classes at a variety of institutions including, the University of Minnesota, Hennepin Technical College, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, North Hennepin Community College, Normandale Community College and Century College.

If there is a particular college that is of interest to the student, GPS staff will work as an academic liaison to help the student connect with enrollment services, disability services, counseling, and any other departments deemed necessary.  

How is your program different from college disability services?  
Most disability services provide a basic level of service and accomodations to students, based on what is required by law. The services require students to initiate contact and advocate for their needs. GPS provides comprehensive support services for all aspects of independent living. This includes academic tutoring, advocacy with college enrollment and disability services, wellness coaching, and life skills training.  

What is the cost of the GPS Program?  
The cost varies for each aspect of the program. Need-based scholarships are also available. Please schedule an appointment to discuss costs and funding options.  

Is this program only available during the academic year?  
GPS is open during the course of the acadmic year, from mid-August through early June. A GPS Summer Program option is also available.

Click here to view the brochure for the 2012 GPS Program. The program gives students the option of continuing to work on the GPS Quality Furniture business. New this year is the option of summer school academic tutoring.

For more information, please contact Josh Tierney, Director of the Post Secondary Program, at 952-915-4245 or

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