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Assessment and Exploration

To get the most from their Groves Post Secondary experience, students begin their journey with a complete Assessment and Exploration.  The Assessment and Exploration component is designed to help students and their parents establish a framework for choosing the most appropriate post-secondary pathway. 

GPS professionals collaborate with Groves Academy psychologists to provide a variety of critical evaluative services, including:

• academic testing and record review
• career assessment with job shadowing and informational interviewing activities
• assistive technology assessment, and
• eligibility information regarding state and county support services

Activities culminate in a comprehensive performance summary report and a student-centered transition plan for either the college pathway or the career pathway.

For more information, please download our GPS Program brochure, the Groves Academy Post-Secondary Planning Guide, or contact Josh Tierney, Director of the Post Secondary Program, at or 952-915-4245.

If you are interested in enrollment, you can also access the Parent Application and the Student Application, as well as the 2011-12 Post-Secondary Planning Guide.

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