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Groves Post Secondary (GPS)

The Groves Post Secondary (GPS) Program assists young adult students with learning disabilities successfully transition to college or careers, while at the same time, helping them realize their potential and find success in life.  The GPS Program draws on Groves Academy's more than 40 years' experience and proven success working with students with learning disabilities and attention disorders.

GPS students typically enroll in the program between the ages of 18 and 22 and have a diagnosis of a learning disability (LD) and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Students in the program may have multiple diagnoses including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, non-verbal learning disabilities, executive functioning issues, auditory processing disorder, and social skills deficits.  At GPS, we understand that the combined effects of these learning issues can impact every part of the student's life.  Thus, our approach includes the intellectual, social and emotional aspects of learning to help manage expectations and relationships.

Groves Academy launched the GPS Program in 2009 with a mission to ensure that all students have the opportunity to lead fulfilling, independent lives of work, friendship and accomplishment.  Targeting the growing number of high school graduates who struggle with inadequate academic or work skills, the GPS Program provides support to students who either want to pursue (or maintain) enrollment in a 2- or 4-year college or want to pursue a career opportunities. 

Participation in the GPS program begins with a diagnostic assessment of the student and an exploration of the student's interests and post-secondary opportunities.  Please click on one of the following links to learn more about the GPS Program.

• Assessment and Exploration
• College Pathway
• Career Pathway

For more information, please visit the GPS website download the Groves Academy Post-Secondary Planning Guide, or contact Josh Tierney, Director of the Groves Post Secondary Program at or 952-915-4245.

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