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Each tutoring session is one hour long. The fee for tutoring is $650 which covers 8 one-hour tutoring sessions plus 30 minutes of consultation with the tutor. Payment must be paid in full before tutoring sessions begin. After your 5th
session you will be asked if you want to continue and if so you will be billed accordingly. Again payment must be paid in full in order for tutoring to continue.

If a student is unable to attend a tutoring session as scheduled, the session may be rescheduled at a time that is mutually convenient to the student and the tutor. Cancellations and rescheduling should be arranged 24 hours in advance. No refunds will be given if cancellations or rescheduling occurs within 24 hours of the scheduled tutoring time.

If you have any questions about tutoring, please contact Kim Aune at 952-915-4289 or

By signing below you agree to the terms of tutoring and your child’s session may begin on the day and at the time agreed upon by yourself and the tutor after full payment is received.
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