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Literacy at Groves Academy

There is a solid research base for what skills children must learn in order to read well. In the National Reading Panel findings (2000) five essential strands were identified for solid core reading instruction:

  • phonemic awareness
  • phonics
  • fluency
  • vocabulary, and
  • comprehension

Application of this research knowledge within the classroom can help all students succeed. Yet, only recently have Minnesota teacher training institutions been required to include courses that teach scientifically-based reading instruction, and often these courses provide only a cursory presentation of this material with no associated practicum experience. Many teachers in our public schools have not been given the instruction they need to become master teachers of reading, spelling, and writing.

Not only does Groves Academy apply this knowledge in our daily reading instruction, Groves Academy leads an ambitious effort to train educators throughout the Twin Cities on this evidence-based approach to reading instruction.  For more on our efforts in the education community in the Twin Cities, please see the section on our Literacy Partners.


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