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Annunciation School

For the past several years, Groves Academy has partnered with Annunciation School in order to enhance that school's reading program.  Through our relationship with Annunication, we have trained teachers in the Orton-Gillingham method of reading intervention and have sponsored workshops for both teachers and parents in the research surrounding effective reading instruction.

Groves Academy's Head of School John Alexander consulted with Annunciation when the school was developing its new reading program. At Mr. Alexander's recommendation, teachers in kindergarten through second grade are now using Wilson Fundations® to teach phonics, spelling and handwriting. Groves Academy instructors also provide coaching to Annunciation teachers in this new model.  The results, as witnessed below, have been very positive.

"Through our partnership with Groves we have implemented Wilson Fundations®. This program has increased reading scores and has been useful in reading intervention. We have been ‘double-dosing’ students with significant reading needs and are seeing results." 
                                               Sheila Loschy, First Grade Teacher, Annunciation School

“Groves Academy has served as a wonderful resource for Annunciation's parents and students.  As the Learning Specialist at Annunciation, I am able to call upon Groves for information and support.  The Wilson Fundations® curriculum has helped our students make great gains in early reading, reading fluency, and written language skills.  Groves has provided the tools and training to help make this such a success!   In addition, Groves Academy offers support to families seeking assessment, or looking for strategies to help their children with learning challenges. They offer a wealth of resources and we, at Annunciation, are fortunate to work collaboratively with them!“
Heather Zerull, Learning Specialist, Annunciation School

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