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"Kids don't drop out of high school.  They get frustrated in the second grade and then hang around for another eight years." 

                                                    - American Graduate Project, PBS NewsHour

John Alexander, Groves Academy's Head of School and a lifelong educator, has been instrumental in helping to win passage of critical reading legislation in the state of Minnesota.  John, along with Susan Thomson, a leader of a group called Moms on a Mission, and Minnesota state senators Gen Olson and Kathy Saltzman, helped to win approval of a literacy bill requiring that classrooms must use scientifically-based reading instruction, and that new teaching candidates must pass an assessment that reflects scientifically-based reading instruction.  That bill was signed into law in Minnesota in 2009.

To view a compelling video about the efforts of John Alexander and other Minnesota reading advocates to change the way reading is taught in Minnesota, please click here.  Please note that this video was independently produced and was not funded by Groves Academy.

Newshour on PBS did a story on high school dropouts in the U.S. and some of the reasons why the dropout rate in the U.S. remains stubbornly high.  To see that video, please click here.

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