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**Click HERE for slides from John Alexander's June 25th presentation on Dyslexia and Advocacy.**

Groves Academy is Minnesota’s leading school for students with learning disabilities and attention disorders, and a center for literacy instruction, education and advocacy in the Midwest.  We are proud to be one of Minnesota’s leading providers of learning disability resources and information to students, parents and educators.  

Groves Academy is committed to developing and expanding the impressive variety of outreach workshops, training classes and special events we offer to students, parents and educators.  Every year, Groves Academy’s faculty and staff, along with well-known regional and national speakers, share their expertise on learning disabilities and attention disorders at our events.  We encourage you to explore the many exciting workshops and classes we offer, and invite you to join us at an upcoming event! 

To see the 2016-2017 Workshop Calendar click here.

Please click on one of the links below to learn more about our parent and educator workshops, education conferences, and special events.

Note that with many of our workshops and special events, speakers can make copies of their presentations and handouts available online.  Please click here to access our workshop presentations page.

We also invite educators who work with students with learning disabilities and attention disorders to visit our Professional Development section.  There, you can learn more about Groves Academy's Wilson Language Training classes and other Teacher Training Workshops.

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