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Over the past four years the teachers at Groves have explored and implemented teaching approaches that balance technological and non-technological methods that work to give each student the best learning experience possible.  

1:1 Laptop Program

Groves Academy’s 1:1 laptop program for our Upper School and Middle School has been in place since 2009.  In 2013 all Lower School classrooms received a set of laptops to be used by the students in the classroom.  This ‘always present’ model of computing provides an arena for student growth that is not available in other school computing models.  Our one-to-one program is more than an infusion of technology into the school. It is a way to examine education’s best practices and determine what can be enhanced by technology. The availability of technology and continuous connectivity has caused Middle and Upper School teachers to redefine the ways they give and collect homework, communicate with parents, and assess student learning.

Assistive Technology

Groves has also made a commitment to prepare our students to use technology as a tool that levels the playing field for those with learning disabilities and attentional disorders. The availability of assistive technology throughout the building has increased student comprehension, productivity, and efficiency.  Tools such as Kurzweil 3000, Inspiration, and Dragon Naturally Speaking, enhance the student experience and provide each with the best learning environment possible.


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