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The Curriculum at Groves Academy

The curriculum at Groves is designed to support students who are capable of learning but need a different way to learn.  In some cases a specialized curriculum is warranted; at other times a traditional course of study, taught by uniquely talented teachers who have a deep understanding of learning disabilities, is the key to students’ success.

One core component of the curriculum is the Wilson Reading System®, an Orton-Gillingham based program that teaches the structure of words directly and systematically so that students master the coding system for reading and spelling.  The Learning Strategies Curriculum, developed by the Institute for Research in Learning Disabilities at the University of Kansas, equips students with explicit strategies that foster independent learning.

Various assistive technologies (including text-to-speech programs, calculators, and organizing and information-sharing software) help some students narrow the gap between their considerable potential and their academic challenges.  While remediation is important, accommodation can also be a necessary tool.

All students receive daily instruction in reading, spelling, written expression, math, social studies and science.  Enrichment options include physical education, art, music, theatre, home science, and woodshop.

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