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Approach to Education

The educational program for Groves students is based on the belief that students learn best when instruction is direct, sequential, multi-sensory and addresses individual strengths and challenges. To support this belief, Groves provides the resources necessary to accommodate diverse learning styles and skill levels.

To ensure that every student works towards his/her potential, each student's cognitive and academic strengths and challenges are identified, and an individual educational program is designed. Instruction for each student begins at the level where the student has experienced success and then moves forward in small sequential steps. Students are grouped into small classes of eight students, methods and materials are geared toward individual needs, and students are actively engaged in learning through multi-sensory, relationship-based instruction.

Groves teachers use a diagnostic-prescriptive approach that continually assesses a child's learning. Published materials and textbooks do not drive lesson planning. Rather, teachers create lesson plans based on the rate and style of learning. Homework also plays a significant role in the pace and delivery of instruction. Because homework is assigned at a level where students can work independently, it is an important indicator of how a student is progressing.

Literacy at Groves Academy

There is a solid research base for what skills children must learn in order to read well. In the National Reading Panel findings (2000) five essential strands were identified for solid core reading insurction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. 

Not only does Groves Academy apply this knowledge in our daily reading instruction, Groves Academy leads an ambitious effort to train educators throughout the Twin Cities on this evidence-based approach to reading instruction. 

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