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Financial Aid FAQs

What is the tuition at Groves Academy?

Groves Academy is committed to making its education affordable to families from a wide range of economic means.  Enrolling a bright, talented, diverse student body while maintaining small classes sizes is critical to our success in serving the needs of students who have learning disabilities and attention disorders. 

Groves Academy believes that the cost of an education at Groves should not be a deterrent to a prospective student.  As such, Groves Academy awarded $850,000 in scholarships for 2014-2015 to meet the needs of families who could not otherwise afford a Groves education. 

Tuition for the 2015-2016 school year is $25,830 for students in Lower School, $26,380 for students in Middle School and $26,820 for students in Upper School.  

Are there expenses in addition to tuition at Groves Academy?

The tuition fee at Groves includes the cost of tuition, books and any diagnostic testing a student may require during the school year. An additional technology fee is required. Optional expenses may include speech/language services, occupational therapy, lunch fees, school and class trips and events,yearbook, and after school activities.

How do I apply for financial aid and how are the awards determined?

Financial aid at Groves Academy is offered through Tuition Aid Data Services, (TADS). Financial aid awards at Groves are based on demonstrated need — the calculated difference between the amount a family can be expected to contribute to the cost of the student's education and the cost of annual tuition, books and fees.  After a student has been accepted to Groves, financial aid application information is sent to parents along with the enrollment contract. TADS processes each application, evaluates it for financial need, and makes a recommendation to Groves Academy based on the information provided.  

What is Groves Academy's financial aid philosophy?

The purpose of the financial aid program at Groves Academy is to provide partial support for students who could benefit from a Groves education but could not otherwise afford access to the school.  Affording a Groves education does require planning, and most families employ several strategies to keep the costs within reach. In this planning, it is important to realize that the family bears the primary responsibility for financing a child's education to the extent that it is able. 

How many students receive financial aid?

Approximately 30% of Groves Academy students receive a partial scholarhip each year.

Will applying for aid affect my child's chances for admission?

No. Admission decisions are made independently of financial aid decisions.  Groves Academy's financial aid program is administered by TADS.

Will we receive aid every year?

Financial need and awards are recalculated every year, using current information. Families are required to re-apply for financial aid yearly. If there is little change in a family's circumstances, one can expect that grants will be renewed at a similar level, while knowing that tuition increases may be shared between the family and Groves Academy. Should your need increase or decrease significantly, TADS will re-evaluate your financial award.

We don't know if our family will qualify for financial aid.  Should we still apply?

We encourage every family in need of financial assistance to apply. A number of factors are used to determine financial need, so it is impossible to specify income levels or other criteria that would guarantee a student receive financial aid. Income, assets, taxes, family size, unusual expenses, parents' ages and number of family members in tuition-paying schools are just some of the factors used in the equation to determine financial need. There are many factors that affect award decisions, but Groves Academy is committed to meeting the needs of a broad spectrum of families.

For more financial aid information, please contact Meagen Sundstrom, Controller, at or 952.915.4254.

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