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School Readiness Assessment

For parents of children ages four to seven, understanding the right academic placement for your child and the best educational environment that suits your child’s learning style are essential components of academic success. Is your child ready for Pre-K, Kindergarten or First Grade? What type of environment would create the best possible setting for your child’s success?

The School Readiness Assessment is designed to help parents choose the appropriate placement for their children. These tests help families understand how their child performs when compared to peers of the same age. With this knowledge and valuable insight, parents can make informed decisions about their child’s readiness for school and school placement, or define areas where the child needs extra support.

As part of a School Readiness Assessment, psychologists at Groves Academy explore and evaluate the following areas:

• Cognitive ability
• Pre-reading or reading skills, including phonemic awareness
• Mathematics skills and knowledge of math concepts
• Early writing skills, including pencil grasp and visual motor integration
• Language, including listening and speaking skills
• Social skills development, including attention and concentration

The testing for a School Readiness Assessment is generally completed in one day. Following the assessment, a conference is scheduled to review the results, offer recommendations and answer any questions a parent may have. Parents are also furnished with a comprehensive written report which provides additional details on the psychologist’s conclusions, the student’s learning profile and specific recommendations for optimizing potential.  The fee for a School Readiness Assessment is $1,600.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact Ruth Anderson at or 952-915-4249.

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