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Adult Learner Psychoeducational Evaluation

The Adult Learner Psychoeducational Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation which includes multiple measures of cognitive abilities and academic levels in the areas of reading, writing, math and language. Additionally, this battery screens for attention, concentration and/or emotional/behavioral challenges. These tests are designed for adults and young adults who are pursuing college and/or continuing education.  The Adult Learner Psychoeducational Evaluation includes all of the testing that a Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment does; details can be found here.

Outcomes from testing include:

• An interpretive conference with the psychologist to review testing results and any learning issues identified
• Recommendations based on testing results
• Guidance in planning for appropriate educational placement
• Testing and documentation to meet university requirements for entrance into disability programs
• A comprehensive written report providing additional details on the psychologist’s conclusions, the student’s learning profile and specific recommendations for optimizing the student’s potential

The fee for the Adult Learner Psychoeducational Evaluation is $1,900.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact Ruth Anderson at or 952-915-4297.

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