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Assessments at Groves Academy

Groves Academy is one of the leading providers of diagnostic assessment services in the Midwest.  Our experienced psychologists offer a variety of assessments, screenings and other evaluation services, designed to help parents and students understand why the child is struggling in school and where the learning process is breaking down. 

Assessment services Groves Academy offers include:

• The Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation for elementary, middle and high school students who continue to experience academic difficulties after various interventions have been attempted

• The Reading Assessment for students who struggle with reading or have unexpectedly weak reading skills

• The Math Assessment for students who struggle with math and have difficulty learning or comprehending arithmetic

• The School Readiness Assessment for children preparing to enter pre-kindergarten, kindergarten or first grade

• The ADD/ADHD Screening Package for students who have difficulty with such things as paying attention, following instructions, staying on task, planning or organizing work and regulating their behavior

• The Post Secondary (High School) Planning Assessment for high school students who need a three-year reassessment of an existing diagnosis and/or who require accommodations in college

• The Adult Learner Psychoeducational Evaluation for individuals who are over 18 years of age and are pursuing college, vocational school or continuing education

Educational Consulting Services for parents of students with learning disabilities or attention disorders

In addition to the identification and administration of a battery of tests appropriate to the referring issue, our psychologists provide a full consultation with the family to review the assessment results. This feedback conference includes conclusions; a learning profile which details strengths, weaknesses and recommendations; and suggestions for optimizing academic and life potential. A written report, providing additional detail on conclusions, the student’s learning profile and suggestions for optimizing potential, is also made available. This report can be shared with the student’s school to pursue an individualized education plan and/or accommodations.

The cost for the assessment, report and consultation are included in the descriptions for each of the services.  You can access the descriptions by clicking on the links above.  Groves Academy accepts personal check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Although we are not in network with any insurance providers, we can provide documentation to pursue reimbursement through either a medical flex spending program or insurance.

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