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We build confidence, success, and purpose through transformative learning experiences.


To redefine the way our nation is taught, one student, one teacher, and one school at a time.

As a school, we provide small classes and specialized staff to teach students the skills needed to learn independently, engage in self-advocacy, and develop social competence.

As an outreach center, we contribute to the understanding of learning difficulties through programs and services for families, educators and other professionals.

As a learning community, we value our differences and provide a responsive and respectful environment.

To further...

For over forty years, Groves Academy has successfully changed the lives of thousands of students with learning disabilities by providing a quality education through our school. 

We believe that we also have an obligation to share our proven teaching methodology more universally, for the benefit of those students who are not succeeding in the mainstream education system.

We will always honor our passion and commitment to our school by delivering education to students who have dyslexia, related language-based learning disabilities, and ADHD.

Our Values

At the heart of Groves is a community where students, families, faculty, and staff are engaged with a sense of belonging, sharing, and support. As a community, integrity and respect are intrinsic in everything we do. 

We also value:

Authenticity: We are genuine, honest, and open in our relationships, our actions, and our words.

Collaboration: We gain energy when we are working together and recognize our decisions and actions are better when we engage as a team.

Compassion: We embrace others' differences and value our unique abilities, personalities, and styles.

Discovery: We have a passion to persistently learn, explore, and innovate.

Tenacity: We are driven to take risks, to advocate, and to encounter challenges with boldness and a firm resolve.

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