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Message from the Head of School

Welcome to Groves Academy and to our website. As you will see, Groves Academy is a very special school created to help struggling students reach their true potentials. Our students are bright, capable, charming and kind. Yet they come to us lacking academic skills and self-confidence. Because their learning disabilities have been misunderstood, many students arrive doubting their abilities to succeed in school.

At Groves Academy, we work diligently to bring research-based, best practices to the classroom so that our students can be given what they need to be successful—expert teachers, small class sizes, and specialized curriculum. Students come to understand that they have tremendous potential and can succeed through their efforts. They feel they are no longer on the outside looking in but, instead, are part of a community of learners.

While students attend Groves Academy to improve their academic skills and regain self-confidence, their talents are also addressed through enrichment classes and extracurricular activities. Students come here not to “be fixed,” but to reach their full academic, social, emotional, and creative potentials.

Groves Academy is indeed a very special place. I invite you to come for a visit; I am sure that you will leave feeling warmed by what you observe.

John Alexander
Head of School



John Alexander discusses with Cindy Brucado at Greater MSP Business how Groves can help students with certain challenges succeed. Watch the video here.

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