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Fast Facts

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The School: Groves Academy is Minnesota's only established independent day school specifically serving children in grades 1-12 who have learning disabilities or attention disorders. Founded in 1972 and located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, Groves Academy educates students with discrepancies between academic potential and achievement.  Students at Groves Academy are students who want to learn.

The Curriculum: The curriculum at Groves Academy is presented using evidence-based, multi-sensory methods that address students' individual needs. Emphasis is on building academic skills, particularly in reading, writing and math, and developing strategies for success in school. Groves Academy also offers a rich array of extracurricular activities including drama, music, robotics, soccer and basketball.

Groves Outreach: In addition to the day school, Groves is deeply involved in the community through Groves Outreach. Groves Outreach provides learning disability resources and services to students, families and educators in the community. Services for students who do not attend Groves include diagnostic assessments, individual tutoring, summer school, and post-secondary planning support. Groves Outreach also supports parents and professionals who wish to deepen their understanding of learning disabilities. Workshops and conferences, teacher training, and resource materials provide teachers, parents, clinicians and community leaders with essential information about proven, research-based learning disability instruction.

Founded: 1972 by parents who wanted to create a school for children with learning disabilities in Minnesota

Head of School: John Alexander, M.A., Education, Harvard University

Campus: Located just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Groves Academy's five-acre campus occupies a convenient location near the intersection of Highway 100 and Minnetonka Boulevard in St. Louis Park. The state-of-the-art building includes a variety of new facilities which are the result of a recently completed, $7 million renovation and expansion. Facilities include a new kitchen and dining hall, a media center and library, a ceramic studio, an audio-visual recording studio, a weight and exercise room, a gymnasium, and new classrooms and offices.

Enrollment: 240 students in grades 1-12 from communities throughout the Twin Cities area

Faculty: 50 men and women, 67% of whom hold advanced degrees. The faculty includes thirty-eight teachers, two psychologists, two speech-language pathologists and two counselors. Faculty members are provided with continuous opportunities for professional development.

Class Size: Average of eight students per class

Academics: Groves offers an accredited curriculum with targeted, small-group instruction in reading (Orton-Gillingham based approach), writing, math, science, social studies, computer technology, organization and study skills, fine and performing arts, physical education and health. The academic year is divided into two semesters.

Accreditations: Groves Academy has twice received the Excellence in Education award by the U.S. Department of Education, and is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS). Groves is a member of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and the Learning Disabilities Association (LDA).

Scholarship & Financial Aid: Over $800,000 in financial aid was awarded to nearly 40% of the student body for the 2011-12 school year.

Summer Program: Groves Academy's School Summer Program serves boys and girls ages 8-18 and is open to students from any school.  The four-week program for students in grades 2-8 combines academic classes with traditional summer day camp activities. Other two-week programs are available for high school students.

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